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War stuff

Postby Houndis » Sat Jun 14, 2008 4:18 pm

So, couple of days ago me and my brother Galagoo were thinking new weapons for BrikWars. Result was six weapons and two units. I believe that many of you won't like these for they might seem too complicated, but it is no miracle.

None of these have been tested. The testgame will begin on the evening of this day. Ladies and gentlemen, here they are!

Cost: 10 CP
Skill: 1d6 (1d6-1 in combat)
Move: 6"
Armor: 1d6

Medix skillz (+4CP)
When attempting to heal any dead unit, the Medik throws 1d4. If the body has been dead for less than 3 rounds, the results are as followed:
4-3 -> full heal
1-2 -> dead for good.
If the body has been dead for 3 or more rounds, only 4 will result in heal. Anything else will kill the poor patient.

1337ness (+2CP)
After a long training, Medik is able to resist the natural need to heal any dead unit he sees. Medik can think clearly and does not jump in the middle of a firefight just to cut his comrades head off.

Cost: 12 CP
Skill: 1d6
Move: 5"
Armor: 1d4

Marksmanship (+6CP)
After taking one turn to aim, Sniper is able to use this ability to aimed target as long as it is over 10 inches away. The maximum range of his weapons is doubled. Hits are thrown with 1d2s and the damage is weapon's normal damage + 1d6. Marksmanship can be used to manipulate objects instead of destroying them. Sniper may only use Marksmanship with non-automatic hand weapons.

Hawk eye (+2CP)
Sniper receives +1 to skill and damage on Ranged Combat and -1 to skill and damage on Close Combat. Their weapons' range also gets boosted. A pistol (Short-Ranged Weapon) has a range of 10" in the hands of the Sniper and a rifle (Long-Ranged Weapon) has a range of 15".

Paranoia (-1CP)
After taking two Marksmanship shots in one place, the Sniper must leave the area for several turns before he can return. Any place less than 5" from the firing spot is nerve-cracking and may cause the Sniper to loose his mind. However, this does not happen if the Sniper shoots normally, without using the Marksmanship ability.

Stealth (+2CP)
If the Sniper moves at half speed, he receives 1/3 additional cover. If he stays completely still, he receives 2/3 additional cover. These are negated is the Sniper pulls attention on himself or is spotted by an enemy Scout.


Cost: 5 CP
Range: 4"/8"
UR: 3
Damage: 2d6/1d6
Notes: Two-Handed. Shotgun hits maximum of two targets in a two-finger cone (approx. 35 degrees). Player throws only one common Skill Roll, but Damage is thrown separately to each victim. Shotgun's damage is 2d6 for the first 4 inches, and 1d6 for the rest 4" of the range.

Cost: 7 CP
Range: 18"
UR: 6
Damage: 2d6
Notes: Two-Handed. No matter what, the rifle can be shot only once on a single player's turn.

Cost: 5 CP
Range: 8"
UR: 4
Damage: 1d10-1d6
Notes: Two-Handed. Similarly to Shotgun, Minigun hits maximum of three targets in a two-finger cone. UR is one common roll, damage is thrown separately. Minigun reduces Movement by 1 inch.
0-3" -> 1d10
3-6" -> 1d8
6-8" -> 1d6

Cost: 10 CP
Range: 16"
UR: 8
Damage: 2d10-2d6
Notes: Two-Handed. As above. Hits evetyhing in a two-finger cone, common Skill Roll and separate damage. For MG is massive weapon, it needs two users, who both lose one inch of movement. If there is only one minifig carrying the MG, his movement is reduced by three inches. It takes a full action to assemble the MG. For it is two-men weapon, UR is raised to 10 if someone tries to use it alone.
0-6" -> 2d10
6-12" -> 2d8
12-16" -> 2d6

Cost: 5 CP
Range: 6"
UR: 4
Damage: 1d12-1d8
Notes: Two-Handed. As above. Hits everything in a two-finger cone. Common Skill Roll, separate damage. Everything in the cone shall catch fire. Use whatever Fire rules you have.
0-2" -> 1d12
2-4" -> 1d10
4-6" -> 1d6

x = size
Cost: 3x
Range: 5x (to be changed, depending on the new Special Creations' Weapons rules)
UR: 2x
Damage: xd12-xd4
Notes: Fires a direct stream of fire which's width equals the size of the cannon. Hits everything on the path, unless blocked by e.g. concrete wall. Common Skill Roll, separate damage.
0-1x" -> xd12
1-2x" -> xd10
2-3x" -> xd8
3-4x" -> xd6
4-5x" -> xd4

EDIT: Medik, shotgun, minigun and flamethrower were playtested and edited.
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Postby IVhorseman » Sat Jun 14, 2008 5:49 pm

for the sniper rifle, i strongly recommend that it can only be fired every OTHER turn. i'd also drop the UR down a bit.

although, it's not like we've ALREADY had big long threads about making stat cards for mediks and snipers.
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Postby Houndis » Tue Jun 17, 2008 3:20 pm

Dodih.  The playtest is done. It included medik, shotgun, minigun and flamethrower.

Didn't get to see too much action, but some changes were done. New versions of all four will be edited in the first post.

Got used a lot. Deadly as hell in short range. UR was reduced to 3 mid-game and now it can hit two enemies maximum.

Used for a couple of times. Works fine, I guess. Now it hits maximum three enemies.

Got used once in the whole game. So know idea whether it should be edited or not.
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