Battle map and scenario ideas

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Battle map and scenario ideas

Postby Kastrenzo » Mon Nov 27, 2017 9:06 am

So in following with my earlier poll where I asked what factions or rather which scenario people would like to see,  I've started the initial work on my next map

Image2017-11-27_09-43-54 by dicjacobus, on Flickr

This is to take place on Arhus, a planet controlled by Redrover's Imperial Magikstrate,  and the second chapter in the "Arhus Campaign" which is my attempt at making a string of battles between the same sides and into it's own saga of sorts

My next questions, after seeing this map are how to proceed with the map construction,  as well as scenario objectives

Q1  - As you can see there are three large grey plates on the map, I am planning on having these be objective zones, first off, what should they be?  the one with the garage is going to be some kind of small industrial zone for trucks and what not,  but the other two are blank.

I had thought of making the one closest to camera, a junkyard that will be home to some hostile Peach insurgents.. and the other to be either some kind of refinery or other Blue transparent mining zone..  another idea that came to mind was a big planetary defense weapon, if I could fit it.

Speaking of Objective zones. I plan for this to be a Long and drawn out battle, so much so that it wont fall under normal forum battle rules,  will be more like, each turn the players are reset and anyone can claim the faction for that next turn, rinse and repeat.  

Anyway, the battle will be long and fairly signifigant in terms of scale. We're looking at over 100 minifigs per side. I realize that some consider a 20 vs 20 to be signifigant so I guess to those people this will be armageddon scale. However I'm not sure I want to have 2-300 minifigs on the field at once,  vehicles too. it's utterly unmanagable.

Q2 With the objective zones I thought of 2 things,  for every turn ended with more troops on the plate than the enemy, that team would get a "point".. but the purpose of the point is undetermined

my two ideas were

1 - Start the game with limited forces, and be able to call in reinforcement squads and units based on how many points you hold.   and the rest of the battle will revolve around pushing the enemy out of the control zones and overpowering them.

2 - Have all forces deployed at the start with no reinforcements.  Control zones grant points used for victory points.  each turn ended with a zone in your control grants a point.  X amount of points and you automatically win??
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