Edit: Now About Ridiculous Star Wars Model UN

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Re: Attention All Star Wars Nerds and Geeks!

Postby Colette » Sat Apr 21, 2012 9:00 pm

All right, so the Model UN conference is over. Here's basically what happened on the second day:

I walk in, hand in some directives. The second in command of the committee plays Grocery Store Wars on the board before it starts.

I continue to discuss with Darth Malgus attacking major Republic(an) planets in a shock and awe campaign. We introduce a directive to start amassing forces near Dromund Kaas to prepare for this, but the directive utterly fails in committee.

My earlier directive to steal Mandalorian battle armor is approved by the crisis staff, everyone in committee hates me and passes a resolution to raid cortosis mines to obtain their own lightsaber-proof armor.

I introduce a directive to develop a virus that destroys the frontal lobe of people making them into dumb zombies. It later passes, but I am interrupted in the middle of Q&A...

...The committee is utterly jealous of my direktive-writing skizzles and when word comes that my effort with Malgus to conquer Kayshyyk (for practice) failed, the Emperor's Wrath uses it as an excuse to execute me. I am then reincarnated as Darth Glovoc in committee.

Luckily Darth Vich had a directive that would be submitted to the chair "upon his death", it involves his Rattataki agents dressing in ghetto hoodies and Guy Fawkes masks and dumping said virus into Coruscant's water supply. Sadly crisis staff never acts on it despite its awesome Project Chanology reference that everyone laughed at.

The Jedi begin amassing forces over Tython including a massive 5-mile wide dreadnought named the Star of Coruscant. It turns out Darth Glovoc is the commander of a Sith fleet en route to Tython.

There is a huge argument in committee over how to defeat the Star of Coruscant, including EMP-proof nuclear missiles (donated by Spain and friends from DISEC, no less), metal-eating parasites, and a suicide ship filled with nothing but a Penning Trap and a 2000 kg of antimatter(that was my idea).

It is decided that we would slam the antimatter ship (dubbed the Richard Feynman by me) and some nukes straight into the Jedi Temple while nuking the hell out of the Star of Coruscant. Also, while we were doing this apparently the Jedi committee on the other side of the building were going to use Centerpoint station to lob Coruscant into Korriban. The chair leaves the room and we play Star Wars Gangsta' Rap while he's gone.

We tried to raid the Jedi's committee room but then we got into trouble so no more big lightsaber battles. Also, the chair leaves again and his assistant looks the other way and let us convert our room into a dueling ground and just have a massive lightsaber fight amongst the Sith.

Also, not related to Star Wars committee but NATO ran around throwing paper balls at everyone. The sponsors looked the other way until they attacked the Organization of Islámic Cooperation, the sponsors drew the line there and got NATO into trouble.
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Re: Edit: Now About Ridiculous Star Wars Model UN

Postby Tzan » Sat Apr 21, 2012 9:33 pm

Sweet, you got executed!
Its like they say in MMOs, if you're not dieing, you're not trying hard enough.
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