Military LEGO Theme(s)?

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Re: Military LEGO Theme(s)?

Postby Kirillyos » Mon Jun 24, 2013 5:55 pm

Insert_blank wrote: But I still think your statement was a little bit silly. :cry:

Why wouldn't it be? We're on a forum about fighting imaginary wars with brightly-painted plastic toy people with smiley faces. I don't think anyone on here takes themselves completely seriously. And if they do, they're in the wrong place.

lorbaat wrote:To be fair, my first thought was "a Libertarian is feeling superior because HE can make fun of OTHER political views?" but I tend to try and stay out of this kind of thing, no matter how rich in irony.

What's wrong with a little superiority?/sarcasm

Bragallot wrote:In fact, by actually learning what war was, I came to realize war is bad, m'kay?

That's actually one of the most intelligent statements I've heard on the issue. Reminds me of how living in the Soviet Union taught me how horrid communism was.

Theblackdog wrote:We already had this discussion with regards to LEGO Fiends, but honestly I'd prefer if LEGO was *less* violent than it is today.  I don't have any problem with kids playing war, but outside of the Fiends sets most of the LEGO product lines revolve around conflict, and kids could do with a broader imagination than that.

Yeah, like more of the "old-school optimistic explorer sci-fi" or heck, doctors and scientists...

mercury19 wrote:This thread reminds me of the whole violent video games thing. Do they really make you violent?

Hell no - lack of respect for human life does. That's what's not being taught to kids but needs to be - why human beings have inherent value and are not merely disposable gore-fodder like minifigs.

Gungnir wrote:On the subject of playing war, I couldn't remove my palm from my face for a whole six hours after reading this.

Sheesh, the left-coast libtards are brainwashing the young ones early... and they wonder why their state is so broke when the Cali gov't is throwing money out the door like it's made of plague-corpses... Next they're gonna have to buy back all the sticks that the kids use as swords...

Silverdream wrote:
i find it a little hypocritical , that the same ppl will say that exposing young children to sexual situations or teachings , have no impact on a childs experimenting with sexuality. We have the 2 mommy books in school sex classes or proper use of condoms & the televisions sliding scale of morality & permisiveness & then people say , no correlation tween any of this and the degredation of moral standards. We teach children they are no more than monkeys with a little evolution & then stand back in shock when they in fact act like an animal.

But if there is so much as the hint of a boob, even in  a non-sexual context, the censorfags of this nation lose their collective shit. Remember kids, violence isn't traumatizing, but seeing mom and dad kiss is just plain gross! :guinness:
LEGO are like boobs - designed for kids, but adults have plenty of fun playing with them too. ;)
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