Buzzard light

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Buzzard light

Postby fredde » Tue Jul 27, 2010 7:07 am

This is the Buzzard light its the smallest in the buzzard series of mechs
The Buzzard light started as an experiment to include a light chaingun in the standard buzzard but due to unknown reasons it evolved into a brand new variant.
as you can see the Buzzard isn't much taller than the average minifig.
this phot demonstrates the posability of the buzzard light (also i love this photo it just radiates badass)
oh noes an enemy aircraft! :shock:
no worries the buzzard is equipped with an unusually powerful plasma projector cannon that draws power directly from the main fusion reactor inside aswell as plasma that is stored in the body of the cannon until an elechtromagnetic field is generated that projects plasma into a continius stream of boiling electric death :twisted:
as you can see the plasma simply continues throughout the plane and keeps going and going until the containment field fails. there are rumors of a booster pack for the buzzard light that contains a destroyer class generator  that can be plugged into this little guy too boost the beam power and projection time which can be devastating agaisnt blitzkrieg tactics.
here you have a final photo enjoy!
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Postby The Shadowscythe » Tue Jul 27, 2010 2:26 pm

Not bad as another variant, but it needs another Dakka - the left arm just looks . . . empty, almost out of place, perhaps some form of missile or grenade launcher should do the job?

Other than that, I like - just not as much as the other toy's you've posted up.
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