Amassing minifigs

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Amassing minifigs

Postby Keldoclock » Mon Nov 08, 2010 11:00 pm

I realize Bricklink is the way to go for this, but what would be the best way to gather vast amounts of Green Army Men (buy sets or BL em, or buy just the jackets/pants) to be yellowified, and also where to get large amounts of peaches, preferably combat-looking ones- I'm thinking a maximum of $2 per peach. (RoC, I'm looking at you)

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Postby ForlornCreature » Mon Nov 08, 2010 11:09 pm

I want lots of DSM, but I don't really trust brick link because of those stores that are in other languages, and people don't seem to like posting to Australia either.
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Postby Swordsalmon » Mon Nov 08, 2010 11:16 pm

Buying Army Men on Patrol is overall, the cheapest way to buy Army Men figures. On Bricklink, the cheapest provider has them for $1.50, but only for the figure and without accessories.

The set itself costs about $10-12, so you're paying nearly double the amount on a figure basis. However, you get a lot of accessories and some really good parts. My army was made almost entirely on Green Army parts; it's the best overall way to amass Army Men figures. ^_^
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Postby Keldoclock » Mon Nov 08, 2010 11:40 pm

I'll probably need to get a few spare helmets or something too, I'm going for an army organization of 4 grunts in a fireteam, 8 in a squad, and once at squad level they get a medic and either a sniper or a heavy weapons guy.

If I can get enough to make 3 squads I'd likely be set for quite a while.

The patrol is rather tempting, what with it's 2 rifles and backpack and stretcher. Having transport for my grunts would be nice too, seeing as my special ops guys(which currently compose the entirety of NBC's defense force) all have motorbikes.

Three squads would cost me sixty bucks, at ten per GAMOPs, and then I'd still have to get Brickarms for all of them and yellow heads and hands.

My income is pretty limited too, I have to get eighty dollars for a WoW: Cataclysm CE by december, and I have about 30 now, and an Xbox listed on Ebay.

*deep thought*

I shall maketh a compromise.

Two boxes of green army men and two loose guys. 8 M4's from BA, a scalpel and a syringe, Zombie defense pack, and a pair of BA knives.

Fifty dollarz on lego and eighty on WoW come around to $130 by the end of the month, without the ass-biting pain of S&H, which will no doubt be as ass-bitey as it desires.

I think I'll work on getting the brickarms and WoW cash now, as
I cannot bear not being able to play the expansion, and BA's november freebie is a camo-printed item ( huzzah!)

Donations will be gladly accepted. /shame
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Postby RoC77 » Tue Nov 09, 2010 1:48 pm

Ahhh... You might be a little too late to get them at a good price. I started to build my army when his set was out & being phased out...

So I was able to pick up 6 of them and a few of these.

Also I supplemented the rest through BL. But, it looks like there are a lot less of these torso's now.

And for the pants. These I picked out for a few months at the build you own minifig & the local Lego stores....

But these torso's form the Hoth( ) set are pretty good for a peach force. And since they are still out in production so you can get them for a good price.

Also the Tusken Raider torso looks good, if you can get it at a good price....
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