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Postby Cakeman » Sun Jan 09, 2011 11:38 am

Yay, 4 walls! (like the old castles) and very vintage. I like it, and since it's small the odd color just makes it seem cute (as already stated). Let us see a pic with the knights on the battlements and the drawbridge up please.
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Postby Arkbrik » Mon Jan 10, 2011 11:19 am

Here you go:

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Postby feuer_faust » Mon Jan 10, 2011 3:01 pm

I like it, it looks like it could be a legitimate lego set. :D
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Postby Swordsalmon » Mon Jan 10, 2011 5:10 pm

It's an awesome castle. ^_^ Now I want to make a tiny fort, too. You should make like, three of those castles for a neat border outpost or something. :)
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