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Art Assignment

Postby DeltaV » Sun Jun 02, 2013 6:36 am

So I had to do art for school. I could choose out of the following things for inspiration, and out of that I had to make stuff:

6. Chemistry of the soul
7. 112 (the dutch equivalent to 911)
8. Riot in the House
9. Some quote from a book involving putting holes in museum walls, I expect guns were involved.
10. Make 6 drawingthingies involving politics, news, whatever, nobody did this as far as I know.
11. A picture of 4 people, each pushing a trashbin.

I chose Chemistry of the Soul. While I am pretty good at drawing, I didn't feel like using pencil only and I didn't even dare to bother with paints or other stuff. So instead I went with the graphic tablet. I hadn't really used it yet, so it would be a nice experiment and it'd get me of my lazy ass.
The result:

Smile Or: what goes through the head of someone about to commit suicide. Besides the bullet.
Spoiler: show

I am never going to use the water tool again.
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