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Postby Bigglesworth » Sat Feb 26, 2011 3:04 am

FIRST POST OUT OF MINECRADT A. This is kind of cool. What is a MOC matt wont tell in skype. im guesdging its a lego thing because this is legos.

on topic:

something horrible happins,
in this world
and da creppers out dah!)
You don't know what the hell to do,
so you just gotta acream

I got blownn uuuuppp
and I feel so maaaad (felt sooo mad)
A creeper came and blew up eeevverythinnngggg
I just got blown uuuuuUUUuup
And ill never retraaaack (forgooot my spawn)
Back to my base
lost my way baaak

Have u ever got shat on
in this game called minecraft?
It felt so good when i punched my laptop

A penis snuck upon me
it literally exploded-
takin all tha blocks around it in its fateful vengence

Yull neva guess what i just had on me-
if i coulda just made some armoua-i woulda lived it

When it be-lew up
'ai-almost shat a brick
and I ragequit on da red screen-man'shit'sucked'hardd

Oh hey, ima creepin ya
waitin in da dark
thats'a nice everythang, that ya got right tha.

oh, shit
don come afta me



I got blown uuUUUUuuuuupp
And i feel so mad (felt sop maad)
a creeper came and blew up eevverytthiinnnggggg
Damnit, lost-my-stuff

This sucks ba-alls,
i worked-so hard, in the mines wit ma pickaxe

doesn't really make since

But man, fuck-you.

shit was soo cash say-buah-buy to diamonds

ima farm-u for powder

Mad bro?

The worst monent in-da game.

U lost!

shits so funny i-couldnt even hiss straight

I swear to god im commin bak for u later     *latea*
With that in mind ima have-a diamond-sword - hater    *hatea*

Ima spawn waitin fo ya in tha watta like a gater    *gatea*

So this goes out-to-all you-playas
That got blown up by green-peniseess
Wetha your noob or pro, hide or chain,
I wanna re-mind ya that shit-like-this haaappiinns.

Ima build outta obby

doesn't matta ima hiss

But i got full-D-armour

doesn't matta ima hiss

Im-gunna make TNT

doesn't matta ima hiss

Ima hide in da ground...


I got blown uuuUUUUuuuuupp..
And i lost my stuff (lost ma stuff)
So if you got blown-up, with diamonds in ya sack, then yo qualified
to scream and shout

I GOT BLOWN UUuuuUUUUPP (creppers really suck!)
AND I LLLOOSST ALL MY STUFF (We all lost shit!)
A-PENIS-SNUCK-UP-ON-ME-AND-EXPLOOODEEEED (god damnit there went my last pork-chop!)
I GOT BLOOWWNN UUUUUUuuuUUUUPP (fuckin ragequittin!)

I don't even CARE IF THIS is wrong thread this is AWESOME!!
(Took me 2 hours to make)

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Postby Arkbrik » Sat Feb 26, 2011 3:15 am

MOC = My Own Creation.
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