Tole of the Immortals

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Tole of the Immortals

Postby alphafalcon541 » Thu Jan 12, 2012 12:21 am

Predator Run
                                                                                       By Alphafalcon541
          The metal cabin shook as the predator tank rolled over the uneven terrain. The city rapidly approached, and with it the sound of gun fire, and screams. Inside the tank it was a whole different story, bathed only in red light the soldiers sat unmoving and silent. The only sound that could be heard was the click of the tracks below them. Among this group sat codename Alphafalcon, the leader of the group dressed in boltgun metal armor. His helmets single red eye cast a mysterious look over the rest of his helmet. Drawing his two katanas, he looked about him staring into the depths of his team’s helmet trying to see their faces. He knew them, and trusted them but with their helmets sealed they all looked the same. Blue arrows emblazoned on their helmets and uniforms, and tridents over their hearts. The only thing that distinguished one from another was the shoulder pads which they could design themselves. Across from Falcon, Skully the heavy weapons specialist was sharpening his knife on his arm armor. Then the voice of the tank commander came over the radio, “We have entered the city, ETA in seven minutes.”

         The next sentence was only a moments to late. There was a scream of black hole missile and the front of the tank simply disappeared! It was as if it had never existed. “Out, out now!” screamed Falcon as another missile vaporized the turret. No one needed to be told twice, and a minute later they were scrambling out of the top hatch. Around them buildings rose into the sky, some rising farther than the clouds. From the closest windows small arms fire lite up the dark. “Switch to night vision, and move before we get our asses fried!” he called into his microphone. Jumping over the wrecked turret he turned to check that he was being followed by the rest of his team. The gunfire thudded into the metal next to his head making him remember that people did want to kill him. Finding some suitable cover, he looked for the least destroyed building. The building as it turned out was a capital building filled with snow raiders. Most of the other buildings were either missing their fronts, or not even there anymore. “Charge the capital building now,” said Falcon. He saw Skully looking at him, and Saber fall to the ground bleeding. Then a heavy object hit him in the head and he went down.  

    Skully watched as Falcon jumped a full ten feet down to the ground and rolled slicing at the closest raider. The raider was ripped apart from the blow and was dead before he hit the ground. Boy, the new energy katanas had been upgraded. The rest of the team Eagle, Prayer Falcon, Saber, and Coyote where desperately trying to dodge the hundreds of bullets being shot at them. The best cover they could find was the remains of the tank. Saber suddenly straightened and fell to the ground in a pool of his own blood. “Medic!” yelled Skully, not that he needed to as Prayer Falcon was already hunched over Saber. “The shot hit his ribs, and he’s going into shock, sir.” came the answer to his unspoken question. Skully swore. The team needed to be able to move quickly through the city on foot.
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