The fight before Saturnalia -- Day 0 -- CLOSED

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The fight before Saturnalia -- Day 0 -- CLOSED

Postby Theblackdog » Mon Nov 29, 2010 10:52 pm

The Fight Before Saturnalia


Read the backstory at the Top thread.
Signup and orders
Sign up on this thread, not the top thread, for one faction.

Factions whose names are red are taken.

Orders for each turn are due 48 hours after the previous turn is posted (or, for the first turn, after the last person signs up).  

The 12 total factions are in 2 main groups: the attackers and Santa's alliance.  Santa's alliance includes him and the Black Hat Men, and is permanently unbreakable.  The Attackers are competing with each other and Santa's alliance, but can make alliances freely among themselves and with Santa's elves or the Black Hat Men.  

Santa's alliance is much larger than any of the attacking teams, but it has a lot more to do.  For Santa's alliance to win:
1. Both Santa and Commander Black must be alive.  Both alliance teams have mediks so this shouldn't be too hard to do.  Santa must be aboard his sleigh; it doesn't matter whether the elves are with him.  
2. The Dimmy Flak Gun must be destroyed.  Note that it is protected from long-range attacks by a shield, so you'll have to get onto the gun's platform and destroy it from close up.
3. The two parts of the jet engine (the engine casing/fin and the turbine) must be reattached.  You don't need a mechanik to do this but it does take an Action to reattach each piece.  
4. The fuel tank must be inside the sleigh.
5. Santa's payment (the toy robot) must be either inside the Black Hat fort or in Commander Black's hand.

The attackers' objectives will be PM'd to them; no one else will know about them.  Each attacker's objective will conflict with one of Santa's objectives and at least one other Attacker faction's objectives.  

The Flak Gun
The Flak Gun will fire on any airborne object its height or higher (about 4-5 stories).  It has infinite range and accuracy, and does 3D10 exp damage.  To avoid the flak gun, fly low -- many aircraft will have to dodge around the higher buildings on the map.  The flak gun doesn't fire on objects sitting on the ground, so (for example) a minifig standing on the gun's platform won't be in danger.  

R-2 units
There are four R-2 medik/mechanik units on the map.  Each turn they move towards the nearest dead minifig or destroyed vehicle on the map, and heal/repair them when they reach them.  A minifig can use an Action to tell the droid to repair or heal a specific unit instead of following its natural programming.  Droids can also repair damaged vehicles and restock ammo, but they won't do these things unless specifically asked to.

Turn order
Santa's Elves -- sloopofwar
Zombie Lincoln -- Mr. FudgeDaRules
Aliens -- Casundrud
Bounty Hunters -- theblackdog
Knights -- FISH!!!!!
Robot Uprising -- Robot Monkey, appropriately.  
Clone Troopers -- Ham701
T.L.A. -- aoffan23
Dimmies -- Warhead
Road Warriors -- my floppy penis
Deconstruction Workers -- Zahru II
Black Hat Men -- Ross_Varn
Droids (NPC)

Other misc. rules
My weapons if you need to look that stuff up.

Charge rules.  Some (though not all) melee-oriented factions might want to make use of them.  

Vehicle armor is weaker on the back, missiles have limited ammo on vehicles and unlimited ammo for infantry (but most explosive-firing infantry weapons require an Action to reload) yadda yadda yadda.  All right, let's get this party started.

Overwatch.  Damn do I need some Town sets.  And baseplates too.  Anyway this is the battlefield, be sure to look in the buildings 'cause I scattered some 20-odd weapons and items around them for people to find.  There's also four unoccupied vehicles, although each needs multiple crew unless you've got a spare pilot handy.  

Detail of the Black Hat fort, a lot of you will be wanting this.  It's got some defenses beyond just the occupants -- there are two twin-MKII turrets on the corners of the walls, and two minigun turrets on the ground, placed to cover the entrance.  All of them need to be manned by an operator to fire, though.  You can also see Santa's engine behind that barrier on the lower level.  

The dimmies' fort.  Keep the AA gun in mind if you have flying units.  As I said before the gun is shielded and can only be hit from up close, so Santa and the Black Hat mercs will have to assault the fort directly.  

Here we see the town square, the green baseplate which (along with the Dimmy and Black Hat forts) defines the center line of the field.  There is a twin-mkII turret up there, and two more on other high buildings.  The fuel tank for Santa's sleigh landed next to it, you might want to pick that up early on...

The gifts under that tree all contain playable items, some of them quite good and many of them impossible to find elsewhere on the field, but each one takes an Action to unwrap.  Choose carefully...


Zombie Lincoln
He may have suspended habeas corpus, but I'm sure he'll show us some bodies tonight.  Bad Civil War jokes aside, he really is quite good.  He starts in a Union boat at the edge of town (the boat's not playable, sadly).  His cavalry saber automatically turns anyone it kills into a zombie.  

Zombie Lincoln (Hero)
Cavalry Saber (light CC weapon): automatically turns anyone it hits into a zombie.  If they die they will revert back to their normal faction when they are revived.
Bone Structure: Zombie Lincoln has 3 wounds instead of the usual 2.  
Top Hat: He can use an Easy stupendous feat (2+ on a D6) to pull Mk.II grenades out of his top hat and throw them at stuff.  

A small faction, but their advanced technology makes them quite capable.  Their starting point is the teleport booth, which can transport its users anywhere on the field but requires an Action to use.  

Galactic Overlord Xenu (Hero)
Burst Cannon
Shield Generator: the shield generator creates a barrier with AV 3D6 around Xenu.  After operating for two consecutive turns, the barrier must shut down for 1 turn to recharge. In addition, if the shield is overwhelmed by an attack but Xenu is unharmed, it must recharge for a turn.

Alien Warriors X2 (troops)
Mimetic armor: provides an additional +1 AV without hampering movement.
Bazooka X1
Flamethrower X1

Alien Beserker X1 (Ninja)
Dual Action
Mimetic Armor
Beam Sword X1 (heavy CC weapon)
Silenced pistol X1 w/ bayonet (light cc weapon)
Flight pack -- grants indefinite flying ability.

Sniper droid X1
Weapon: sniper rifle
Weapon programming: the droid gets +1 to skill with the sniper rifle and -1 with any other weapon.

Vehicle: flying saucer (flyer)
Mv 36", AV 2D10
Armament: twin linked Mk.II guns
The flying saucer is more agile than most flyer-type vehicles, and has a teleport receiver on the bottom.  Any alien unit can use an Action to teleport from its current position to a point underneath the saucer.  

Bounty Hunters
My faction.  An Hr-36 for transport, three minifigs with heavy MGs and jet packs (have to land one turn for every 2 turns in the air) and one hero with a burst cannon and jet pack.  Their starting point is a (non-playable) space pod.  

Exactly what these guys are doing in a city is unknown.  They start out with 1 hero (the Black Knight) and 5 troops, no equipment or abilities, but see all those weapons in their castle?  Yeah.  There are 6 heavy CC weapons, 6 light CC weapons, 4 bows, a flail, 3 shields, and 2 suits of armor (+2 to AV, -1 to move).  The weapons with flags on them allow the wielder to act as an Officer.  The knights are all riders, meaning they can steer a vehicle while operating handheld weapons.  
They have 3 horses, currently hitched to a catapult cart (the cart requires a pilot and a gunner for the catapult).  
Catapult Cart
AV 2D10
Move: 6 X number of horses attached
Weapon: bombardment cannon (catapult)
While on the walls of the castle the knights can act as spotters for the catapult, using an action to target anything less than 12" away from them.  

The Robot Uprising
PIENET has sent a rogue BADASS squad to the city for unknown reasons.  
Their starting point is a PIENET uplink.  Except for the artillery bot, all the robots have manipuators and can carry objects and use handheld weapons (though they can't use handheld and onboard weapons at the same time)
3X standard BADASS units:
AV 2D10, Mv 12"
1 with twin miniguns
1 with mk.VI gun
1 with burst cannon and targeting system (can target anything within 12" of itself, allowing the artillery bot to fire over obstacles)
Artillery Bot
AV 2D10, Mv 12"
Bombardment cannon
AV 1D10, Mv 12"
Unlike other units, the infiltrator can fit into buildings sized for regular minifigs.  

Clone Troopers
Not the best infantry in the world, but they have one of the most powerful tanks in the game.  Their starting point is a holonet terminal.
Clone Commander Phat (Hero,officer)
Dual submachine guns
Clone trooper X5
Rifle X4
Bazooka X1

Clone Tank
Av 3D10, Mv 12"
Weapons: siege cannon X1, twin-linked Mk.II guns, minigun

The T.L.A. has sent just a single fighter and its Hero, Irony Man.  Fortunately they have more troops waiting in orbit.  Their starting point is the science station (visible past the fighter's wing).
Irony Man (Hero in a power suit)
Av 2D10, mv 12" (railgun deployed) or 18" (railgun retracted)
Weapons: Mk.IV railgun X1, mk.I guns X2.
You can't use the rail gun and Mk.I guns simultaneously (except with a stupendous feat) you have to retract the rail gun to use the wrist guns.  The advantage of this is that you gain more speed.  With the rail gun retracted you can also grab and use handheld weapons.  
T.L.A. fighter
AV 2D10, Mv36" (flying)
Weapons: Mk.VI gun X1, Mk.II missile X2.  
Irony Man can use an easy stupendous feat to call down 1 reserve troop from an orbital drop.  You have a choice of 5:
1 each with a bazooka and minigun, and 3 with rifles.  

You know 'em, you loathe 'em, they're back.  After having shot Santa out of the air, three guesses as to what they want to do.  The fort contains a Negaverse portal on the 2nd floor; don't step into it.  Dimmies can use an Action to enter the Negaverse and reappear inside the fort through that portal.  
Dimmy leader (Hero)
Dimmy Blade (heavy CC weapon)

Dimmy telepath (officer) x2
Spear (light CC weapon)

Dimmy trooper X8
Spear (light CC weapon)

Biogrenade trooper X1
Bio grenades (once per turn, can throw an Mk.II grenade).  

Vehicle: Bohrok
The Bohrok can switch between walking mode, in which it moves 12" per turn and can attack, and rolling mode, in which it moves 18" per turn and can only attack by running people over, once per turn at the start of its move.  
AV 2D10
Weapons: Flamethrower X1, Mk.IV CC weapon X1.

Road Warriors

Vagrants from a post-apocalyptic civilization ... never you mind where.  Their starting point is a wrecked Landship.  It's not repairable but its two twin-MkII turrets still work.  All the Road Warriors are Pilots, and they have quite nice weapons to boot.  Their main disadvantage is that they need to keep some of their troops on board their car to operate its weaponry.  
Road Warrior Leader (Hero)
Piloting Ability
Burst Cannon
Troops X 5
Piloting ability
2 with heavy MG
1 with flamethrower
1 with bazooka
1 with shotgun and grappling hook attachment
Ninja X1
Dual Action
Spear (light CC weapon)
Chainsaw (heavy CC weapon)
The deathmobile's turrets are operated by gunners, making it highly accurate.  However, using gunners for the turrets reduces the number of troops available to fight. The Hero and flamethrower trooper are currently manning the burst cannon and rocket launcher, respectively, but feel free to swap around.
Move 18", AV 2D10
Weapons: Burst cannon X1
Mk.II rocket launcher X1 (four rounds)

Deconstruction Workers

The Deconstruction Workers are a small force, but they are equipped with the mighty Killdozer, capable of annihilating anything in its path and virtually impervious to all weaponry on the field.

Bob the Unbuilder (Hero)
Weapon: Thermal Lance
A weaker cousin of the Orange Transparent Chainsaw, the Thermal Lance has a UR of 4 and destroys 1D3 construction elements (bricks, wheels, minifig heads) each time it connects.  

Construction worker troop X5
Weapon: power saw (heavy CC weapon)

Vehicle: Killdozer
The killdozer was a regular 2D10 armored bulldozer until it was fitted with massive concrete plates.  The plates have AV 4D10 on all sides, making the killdozer difficult to damage even with armored vehicles' cannon.  They slow it down, however, and the only weapon the killdozer still has room to mount is its dozer blade.
Move 8"
Weapon: dozer blade (Mk.VIII CC weapon)
Damage 8D6, 9D6 with a good run up before impact.

Santa's Alliance
Santa's Elves
Santa's Elves have only one mission: protect their leader.  With the sleigh mostly empty, they'll all fit in (except for the medik and mechanik, who've hitched a ride on Rudolph's back.)

Santa Claus (Hero)
Weapons: Bazooka with autoloader
The autoloader frees Santa from having to use an Action to reload the bazooka.  The downside is that it takes a full turn to reload.  
Combat Knife (light CC weapon)

Santa's Elves (troops) X7
Weapons: Heavy MG X4
Bolter X1
Flamethrower x1
Sniper Rifle X1

Elf Ninja
Dual Action
Weapons: SMG
Beam saber (heavy CC weapon)

Medik, Mechanik

Vehicles: Sleigh
The sleigh flies 24" per turn before it gets its engine back, and 36" per turn once the jet engine is reattached.  
Av 2D10
Weapons: Siege cannon X1, Mk.I gun X1

Rudolph (steed)
Move: 24" (VTOL) AV 1D10
weapon: nose laser (Mk.II gun)

The Black Hat Men

One of the most powerful mercenary groups in existence, they've agreed to help Santa get back in the air in exchange for a gift for Commander Black's son.

Commander Black (hero, officer)
Weapon: burst cannon
Black Hat officer X2
Weapons: rifles
Black Hat trooper X8
Weapons: rifle X6, bazooka X1, minigun X1
Medik, Mechanik

Vehicles: Boar APC
AV 3D10, Mv 12"
Weapons: Two sets of twin-linked mk.II guns
Mk.I cluster rocket launcher (8 rounds)

Hover transport
AV 2D10, Mv 18"
Weapons: twin-linked mk.II guns
Mk.I cluster rocket launcher (5 rounds)

Scythe Fighter
Mv 36" flying, AV 2D10
Weapons: twin-linked Mk.II guns
Mk.II missiles (4 rounds)
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Postby aoffan23 » Mon Nov 29, 2010 11:08 pm

TLA, please. :D
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I agree with Warhead.
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Postby Theblackdog » Mon Nov 29, 2010 11:18 pm

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Postby Ross_Varn » Tue Nov 30, 2010 12:07 am

I shall lead the Black Hat Men to victorious victory! Looks freaking awesome.
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Postby Theblackdog » Tue Nov 30, 2010 12:14 am

Done.  Hope this starts to fill more quickly come tomorrow...
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Postby Tarren » Tue Nov 30, 2010 12:58 am

Dibs on road warriors.
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Postby MasterEcabob » Tue Nov 30, 2010 2:07 am

Amazing battle TBD, you've really outdone yourself this time!  I'm afraid I won't be participating this time, but I will definitely be watching.  It's about time we got some good dogfights in.
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Postby Mr. FudgeDaRules » Tue Nov 30, 2010 8:07 am

Zombie Lincoln please :twisted:
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Postby Theblackdog » Tue Nov 30, 2010 9:54 am

Done.  Definitely one of my favorite factions.
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Postby Sloopofwar » Tue Nov 30, 2010 10:28 am

Santa's Elven Warriors.
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Postby Theblackdog » Tue Nov 30, 2010 11:31 am

Got it.  Santa's Alliance is now full.  Sloop and Ross_Varn, you guys might want to PM or chat and discuss tactics.
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Postby casundrud » Tue Nov 30, 2010 12:31 pm

Aliens please.
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Postby Theblackdog » Tue Nov 30, 2010 12:41 pm

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Postby Ham » Tue Nov 30, 2010 3:00 pm

This battle actually convinced me to stop procrastinating and finally register. Who doesn't want to massacre midgets in funny clothing?

As much as I hate clones, I've got to go with them.
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A 701 error is fine too.
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