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Bonus Equipment

Postby MicVash » Tue Jun 03, 2008 6:59 pm

If you've ever played the Mechwarrior Miniatures game, then these should look very familiar, just slightly modified for BrikWars use.  The notes in (Paranthesis) give some more guidlines to the equipment.  These are just some ideas that have not been play-tested, so feel free to try them out and edit them as you see fit.

Ballistic Weaponry:

Armor Piercing: -2 to armor of the target unit (Cannot be used on twin barreled guns)

Anti-Personnel: Target an infantry squad.  ALL units within the squad are the target of this single attack.  All units will take the appropiate damage but with +2 armor.  This cannot be equipped to a weapon larger than size 2. (short to medium range)

Point Defense System: Any friendly unit within range of this weapon may use the defense value of this equipped unit.  (Once Per Turn) (very short range)

Energy Weaponry

TSEMP (Tight-Stream Electromagnetic Pulse): The target moves at half speed, and has -3 to skill until end of turn.  (Once Per Turn) (very short range, effects cannot stack)

Pulse: After successfully hitting the target, this unit may make another attack roll for this weapon with -2 skill.  Add the appropiate damage with a bonus +1.

Alpha Strike: This unit fires all energy weapons with +1d6 damage.  The unit cannot attack or move next turn.  

Close Combat Skills

Rapid Strike: After successfully hitting the target and resolving damage, make a second close combat attack against the same target.

Agility: When this unit is the target of a close combat attack, the attacker applies -1d6 damage.

Speed Specialties

Camouflage: Unit gets +2 to armor when occupying the appropiate terrain.  (forest, desert, snow)

Electronic Camouflage: This unit cannot be the target of rockets.

Inflitrate Level 1: This unit can be set up X inches away from the deployment zone, where X is double the units speed value.

Infiltrate Level 2: This unit begins off of the battlefield.  Place a marker anywhere on the battlefield at any time and roll 1d6.  In 1d6 turns the unit will appear on the marked spot on the battlefield.
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Postby IVhorseman » Tue Jun 03, 2008 8:27 pm

as for camouflage and it's effects, i've usually just given them bonus cover, bumping up the UR of attackers. there's no reason why ARMOR should increase
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