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Postby Arkbrik » Wed Jan 26, 2011 5:02 pm

Silvadream inspired me to show a fic of mine, called TWILIGHT: BREAKING TEH ECLIPSE. I originally published it on the Roblox forums posing as a Twilight fangirl. You can read the thread here.

Hi im TaraBeckinsdale and im new on this forum. i joined to show u a Twiligth fanfic im writing. Now i now many of u may not like or hate Twilight but this story is almost as good as the original so u sould read it anyway.

---CHAPTER 1---

It was a rainy morning and still much dark outside when Tara Beckinsdale wok up. (Authors Note: U can see im sirius about this cuz i named mah username after the main cahracter!!) Tara went dwon to eat breakfast and saw her dad.

"dad why did we have to move to Forks! i hate it here it always rains! and i have no firends at school!" tara said.

"i got a job here so we had to move" he anwsered "besides im sure u will make lots of friends if u stop dressing like a goth"

"its called emo dad!!! why can't u ever understand me!!!" tara cried and ran to her room and skipped breakfast. she listened to depressing music by tokio hotel while she put on black clothes, black lipstick, black mascara and black eyeliner. then she went to school.

When tara came to school she heard some one shout "hey stupid emo girl!" she looked it was a bunch of girls dressed in pink an white. tara ignored them but they kept on shooting and then they pushed her so she fell in a pile of mud. tara startted to cry and the girls laughed at her but suddenly they stop and ran. tara looked up and saw a boy. he was pale like the moon an had golden hair like the sun and his skin could prolbaby shine liek a 1000 stars (but it didnt cuz it was cloudy outside.)

"Im edward." he said.

(AN: is the story good? plz tell me!)

---CHAPTER 2---

"Im... im tara" tara gasped.

"let me help u" eward said and streched a hand at her. she took it and it was all pale and hard. tara gased again. with fantazic strngth ewdard pulled her out of the mud.

"thank u" tara gasped. she couldnt stop staring at edward cuz she had never seen a boy be so pretty.

edtard looked back at tara and deep within there eyes there hearts and brains and souls connected and they could only see each other.

But suddenly they heard an explosion! from teh parking lot. edward screamed "NOOOOO!!!" and ran. tara ran after him but he was fast like impossible.

At the parking lot it was horror. a car had crashed with teh school bus and caught explosion. A girl lied on the road all exploded. edward was next 2 her crying.

"BELLAAA!" he cryd. "why did i stop watching you!!"

---CHAPTER 3---

edward was crying at teh corpse of bella. tara was near shcoked.

"who was she?" tara asked.

"bella was my gf and was evrything to me" eward said. "how can i live without her?!?!" he cryd.

"plz let me help u" tara said "like u helped me from teh evil girls."

"ok" said edard and he and tara went into teh school.

suddenly they met a big boy in the corridor. he looked almost like a wolf except was human now.

"hey edtard!" he said. "u are already getting a new girlfriend? lol"

"jacob..." edward said and and made hands into fists.

---CHAPTER 4---

jacob and edward stared at each other with mad. then they carged.

jacob grew big and bigger and ripped through his shirt and it fell of his mucuslar body. Edard made his teeth grow long and sharply. they collided in teh middle of the corridor and struggled. jacob riped off edwards shirt but edward didnt care. he bit jacob in the arm and jacob stumled back.

"be careful!" tara shouted

jacob tryd to hit edawrd but he dodged it like bullet. edward punched jacob in the face an he flew down the coridor and crashed through a wall. then he got up, stared at edward, and went away.

"what happened?" tara asked.

"i guess i can't keep it a secret anymore... tara... im a vampire."

---CHAPTER 5---

"a vampire?" tara gasped. but they didnt have time to talk any more cuz class was beginning. evryone went into the classroom. some stared at edward cuz he had no shirt but he didnt care since he was angry an sad.

"welcome class today well be talking about animals!" said professor lupin. (AN: i know lupin is really in harrypotter but this isn't a real story so its ok!)

"can someone say an animal? tara?"

"uh... dog?" tara said.

"lol funny u should mention that" said lupin "cuz today i brought my dog to class!" lupin took a big black dog into teh classroom. "hes called snuffles." (AN: get it?? ;))

"this class is boring" edward whispred "lets do something else"

"yea but how?" tara said.

"like this" edward said and grabbed tara in his arms like hug. the next moment they were in the corridor.

"wow!!!!" tara said. "how did u do that?"

"i can run really fast. cuz im a vampire."

"so what do we do now?" tara asked.

"how about gettin back on jacob??" said edward an went to his locker. he took out... A GUN!!!!

---CHAPTER 6---

"OMG!!!" said tara. "are u goin to kill jacob?"

"why not? after all he did to me and mah people... and then laughing when bela died..." edward became silent and stopped. then he raised the gun and went into teh classroom. tara followed scarred.

"JACOB!!!!" ewdard shouted and shot at him. jacob was hit in head and it exploded. he fell to the floor saying "dad... avenge me!"

"WTF!!" screamed lupin. "u killed jacob!"

"so" said edward

"he was my SON!"

---CHAPTER 7---

suddenly the dog snuffles leapt into the middle of the classroom. he changed into sirius black!

"jacob was my son too!" he shouted. edward shot at him but he doged the bullet. it hit the wall and it exploded. all teh students screamed and ran and left teh classroom. lupin and sirius also got away.

"gah!" said edard. "we have to get them before they tell teh police!"

"must we run so fast etard?" tara said. "can't we just... relax?"

"well ok a little" eward said. they sat down an hugged. then they started kissing and putting tongues into mouths an stuff an tara had never felt so good

"we have to go now." edward said.

---CHAPTER 8---

edward and tara went to lupin and serious house. they sneaked up to teh window and saw them calling the phone. lupin said:

"police plz come over here quick we have important information!" then he hanged up.

lupin and sirius started makin out (AN: u mite think this is wierd but they are married in this so its ok!) while tara and sometimes edward watched.

"lets get em" edward said and leaped in through the window. tara followed.

"THERE HE IS!! TEH SONMURDERER!" lupin shouted and turned into werewolf. sirius turned into big dog. edward shot them. (AN: see? thats why a vampire needs a gun!)

"they are dead!" edward smiled and tara smiled. suddenly they heard a car stop in the driveway.

a tall man entered the house. he was dressed in a leather longcoat. he had a shotgun across his back and twin pistols in holsters.

"WHAT DO YOU THINK YOUR DOING PEOPLE?" It was... officer Swan!

---CHAPTER 9---

officer Swan looked around. he saw the dead bodies of lupin and sirius. then he saw edward holdin the gun.

"Edward..." he said "i always suspected you ever since you stared datin mah daughter... and now shes DEAD!! doesn't sound like a coincidence to me..."

"plz officer swan" said tara "i saw it and edward was innocent. he just stopped watching bella cuz he was lookin at me... its all my fault"

"i see" said officer Sawn. "well edtard u are free to go while i take this lady into custody." edward was sad but went anyway.

officer Swan handcuffed taras hands behind her back and put her in teh police car. then they drove away to the station. officer swan put tara in jail but forgot to take away the handcuffs.

tara cried sad as she lied on the bed handcuffed. but suddenly the door to the cell was opened.

A tall man with long brown hair and a pretty beard stood in the doorway.

"Come with me fair lady im here to rescue u." said aragorn.

(AN: someone said they didnt like harry potter cahracters in mah fic so i took em out and put in lord of teh rings instead! (u can see im good writer cuz i listen to audience)))

---CHAPTER 10---

tara followed aragorn and they ran out of teh police station. suddenly officer swan saw em and yelled "SROP!!!"

aragorn an tara ran outside and jumped on aragorns horse. they rode away while officer swan followed in his ploice car. he fired pistols with shotgun at them but teh horse dodged em. aragorn said "norte lima" in horse language and teh horse rode faster.

but officer swan was still catching up! everything seemed lost when another horse joined!

on this horse was a tall elf with golden hair. he fired arrow at car, hit fuel tank and teh car exploded.

"thank you legolas" aragorn said.

they rode away to aragorns and legolas castle.

(AN: im sorry for not ending this chapter with something really excitin but in teh next chapter there will be a BIG REVEAL which mite shock some lord of teh rings fans!!!)

---CHAPTER 11---

soon tara an aragorn an legolas arrived at teh castle. tara said "thank u"

"if you return to forks u mite be hunted by teh police" aragorn said "u can stay with us!"

"but what about edward? i love him!!"

"hmm maybe youlll have to go then cuz i and legolas are married so u can't date us" (AN: did u get shocked? don't worry cuz its ok!)

"ok ill stay" tara said.

tara lived in teh castle and sometimes aragorn and legolas made out. tara liked em cuz they were nice and fun.

one day tara was sitting in a sofa reading a book when someone suddenly kissed her on teh mouth. she looked up

it was legolas!

---CHAPTER 12---

"WTF?!?" said tara but kept on kissing cuz it was so good. when they were done tara said:

"omg legolas! aragron will get mad at u for cheatin on him!!"

"i know but i had to do it"

suddenly aragorn came in. he saw they had been kissing.

"legolas!! are u cheating on me?"

"yeah but with tara"

"hmmmm okay i can't stay mad at tara" said aragon and kissed tara. legolas joined and they were all three kissing with french. it was really good and they kissed it many other times too. like when they were bored or cleaning the castle or talking or eating.

they lived like that ever after.


(AN: thx to all who liked teh story an made comments! it wouldnt have been teh same without u! i will publish this as book (and mabe give stephanie meyer some of teh money) so if u see this in a bookstore buy it!!!)
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Postby dilanski » Wed Jan 26, 2011 5:18 pm

I find it hiliarious how most of the Roblox sheeple were fooled.
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Postby Zahru II » Wed Jan 26, 2011 5:20 pm

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Postby Ham » Wed Jan 26, 2011 6:55 pm

Oh god that was too funny, permission to adapt this into a Gmod movie similar to Half Life: Full Life Consequences?
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Postby Ex-Lep » Wed Jan 26, 2011 11:10 pm

scanned the story, read all 5 pages of the comments, the went back and read it. quality stuff.
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Postby aoffan23 » Wed Jan 26, 2011 11:41 pm

This is gold. Although the best part wasn't from you, it was from that guy who replied to a comment about "newbags" (whatever the hell that means) getting trolled, and said he was more mature than the rest of the forum while playing the "I've been here longer than you have and you're a newbag lolololol" card.

^Can you say run-on sentence? :roll:

I kind of want to visit that forum now, it looks really fun to troll.
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Postby aoffan23 » Thu Jan 27, 2011 12:04 am

Orly? And why would that be?
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Postby Ross_Varn » Thu Jan 27, 2011 12:17 am

Friendship... withered...

I've been here longer than both of you- and I can say that you both are invaluable members of BW in my mind.

So shut it Silva.
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Postby aoffan23 » Thu Jan 27, 2011 12:21 am


I was talking about a user on the Roblox forum. How did this turn into high school friend drama?
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Postby Ross_Varn » Thu Jan 27, 2011 12:29 am

It's Silverdream, what else is new.  :roll:
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Postby Ross_Varn » Thu Jan 27, 2011 12:33 am

If you would actually include paragraphs- no wait that's the point.

Ark, this fic is pure win.
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Postby Arkbrik » Thu Jan 27, 2011 4:25 am

Ham701 wrote:Oh god that was too funny, permission to adapt this into a Gmod movie similar to Half Life: Full Life Consequences?

Go right ahead! :D
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