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Postby thade » Thu Apr 14, 2011 9:09 pm

As you command  :)

Chapter 2

Sam O’Reilly smiled. He was in the back seat of the Inferno, a car he had modified himself, sailing at easily 120 miles an hour. His friend and mentor, Captain Max Greyhawk, was driving the vehicle. All he had to do was enjoy the ride, and wait to get to the target.
    He glanced backwards, partly to get the wind out of his eyes, and saw something approaching. It was a small vehicle, on four wheels with enormous shock absorbers, and it had a large turret atop the chassis. Its pilot was clad in white armor with a fearsome helmet and a glowing red slot where its eyes would be.
    “Uh oh, it looks like they were ready for us. Cobra at seven o’clock!”
Just then, the mini-tank’s turret swiveled towards them, and let loose four plasma bolts. Each hit its target, and four scorch marks appeared on the armored car.
Sam drew his plasma pistol from his side, and fired at the pilot’s neck, the weakest spot in the robot’s armor. A shower of sparks sprayed out from the spot where he had hit, and the robot fell over.
“Nice shot!” Max shouted as the tank toppled over, out of control.
    Sam glanced back again, and saw a yellow and black vehicle with a huge plow on the front, and a full squad of drones in the seats. It had a small turret with a plasma cannon and four missiles attached.
    “Hornet!” Sam warned.
    Max slowed the vehicle down and got closer to the hornet, keeping pace with it. Sam smiled again. He knew what this meant. He grabbed his plasma blade, and jumped across to the hornet.
    The drones were up instantly, and drew their plasma rifles menacingly. Smirking, Sam activated the trigger on the blade, and a thin telescopic bar extended outwards from the handle. Once it stopped growing, it energized itself with plasma.
    Sam expertly found an opening, and slashed at the neck of a drone. A shower of sparks told him he had hit his mark. Dodging a plasma blast, he took the plasma rifle from the fallen drone, and threw his blade at another. It managed to pierce the armor, and another drone fell. Dashing forward, Sam retrieved his blade, and destroyed another drone with the blade attached to the plasma rifle.
    Sam swung around again, slashing at the neck of the pilot droid, and shot a plasma bolt at the remaining drone. He prepared to jump back to the Inferno, but a plasma bolt soared past his shoulder. He spun around, and jumped towards the turret. The gunner had dived for a plasma rifle! He spun the turret around as hard as he could, and it knocked into the gunner in a shower of sparks. He jumped to the Inferno.
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