Operation Mastercutor (Round 9-10) + Epilogue

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Operation Mastercutor (Round 9-10) + Epilogue

Postby Bragallot » Tue Sep 06, 2011 5:17 pm

Round 9-10

Lt. Myrna - theblackdog


Lt. Myrna swung, and missed, leaving her open to attack.


But then she took an unsuspected shot at the pilot which slipped past his armour, hitting him in the heart and killing him instantly.


"Quick! We need to get our asses to the bridge!"


"I need more firepower! Pilot, slave all remaining systems save the towers to my console. Also, keep the shields up."

"Yes, mistress." (both succeeded)


The Crucifix drew a little bit closer, and Angelica fired the turrets and autolasers at the Mastercutor's bridge (thinking about it now, the autolasers might have actually been out of range, lol), damaging it.






(insert explosive sound)


"Hey, you alright?"

"Yes... Don't worry about me. Please continue the mission."

"Hey, you thought I'd go in alone? You're not slacking out private!"

Mastercutor - me


The Mastercutor steered towards the Crucifix and dropped off its remaining troops, as well as the droids, which left only Sir Bragallot on the cruiser.


It then continued for a bit.


"Duchess, they've reached the bridge!"

"Shut the blast doors!"

"They're still coming through!"



Myrna: "The game ends here, Angelica!"


"Don't underestimate me, infidel scum!"


"Aaargh!" *rip*




Wolves displayed stormtrooper-like aim in their attempt to take down Angelica.


"I am Duchess Angelica Del Montero, and you barbarians won't lay one filthy finger on me!"


The Duchess easily sidestepped the pilot's swing, which brought the Prussian in a precarious position.

"Hah! Beamsabres weren't meant for savages!"

Lt. Myrna - theblackdog (I continued with round 10 because there was little left to be done and went with theblackdog's orders)


Myrna saved him however, firing the stun-setting on her blaster, which knocked the Duchess back.


After a successful attack, she had her blade to Angelica's neck.

"This is the end, you crazy bitch!"

"Who in god's name are you to talk to me like that?"



"Sir, we have captured the Duchess."

"Ahh, victory. Very gut. Lock her up."

"This is no way to treat royalty, even enemies! I knew you Prussians were barbarians!"


"Zo you mean you vere just deveated by barbarians? Don't vorry, I vill take gut care ov you in my lab."

"..." *spits* "Bastardo."


On board the Crucifix, the remaining pilots and Myrna had taken control of the damaged ship. No doubt it would make a useful battle asset that would also allow the Prussians to learn about their enemies.

"Holy crap this thing is slow!"


"Lt. Myrna to HQ. We're returning to base for repairs. Operation Mastercutor was a success."

Not much later, a message was sent to the Immortal Emperor


"Greetings Emperor. I am Admiral Santiago, temporary acting legionary general for the 4th Legion, at your service. Duchess Angelica is sadly currently unavailable so I have taken it upon me to brief you on the results of Operation Exorcism. We completed our objective of seizing the systems surrounding the Prussian home planet, but Prussian deceit and inattentiveness on our part has caused our casualties to be higher than expected. Legionary General Inquisitionary Duchess Angelica Del Montero has also fallen into enemy hands together with her battleship. I will send you a more thorough report on the details of the battle once I've finished gathering data from my remaining captains and acting officers."


"Though losses to our air and ground forces are considerable, your highness may rest assured the 4th legion still has sufficient strength to continue our war effort with increased perseverance. The Prussians have proposed a temporary ceasefire. Due to the difficulties on the homefront it would otherwise have caused, it was impossible for me to refuse. Your highness may rest assured this will be time well-spent. The Prussians may yet come to regret giving us this time. I've already commissioned the ground forces to begin building bases and start drilling to better cooperate with our honourable allies the VoL and the Brittanians in the future. It will also give time for us to muster reinforcements from the homeland. We will not allow them to continue blackmailing us; the Prussians will likely release her for a ransom soon."


"As a final request, I must share with you a sentiment that lives among most of the men. Despite my best efforts, we are in dire need of a replacement for the Duchess. It is not common for a commander who is not born of royalty to act as a legionary general, therefore my lord Archduke Valenza Del Montero has requested you to relieve Prince Vinambre from your court and put him in charge of our forces here instead. This is but a minor setback. We will conquer this system for you, Emperor. May god shine his blessing on our holy war."

The next day


"Vell, ven I look at dese data, dat could haf gone much better. De Mastercutor is also not going do go to battle any dime zoon. Doo bad."

Field Marshal Johanna: "Correct. We dealt heavy damage to our enemies, but save for some of these new Mastercutor-class cruisers you built us, most of our navy has been destroyed. As planned, the navy has regrouped in an adjacent system and is due for repairs, but on standby. Regardless, we would lack the strength to go against them again. They won't let themselves be caught off guard a second time. We will need more powerful ships the next time we face them, for it will be an open battle, not an ambush."

"I vill vork on it."


Der Kaiser: "How's the rest of your... research... coming along?"

"Gut, sehr gut. I am deriving de Duchess' memoriez in order do learn about our enemiez. De ceasevire vill give us de necessary dime. De data on de Crucifix vas also very interesting."


Field Marshal Johanna: "Is it truly necessary to keep her dressed like that, Sir Bragallot?"

"Ja, dat is very important vor... de research."




Der Kaiser: "May the Farce be with you, Sir Bragallot. You are our only hope at winning this war."

"You vlatter me."


So, that was it. Kudos to my more than worthwhile allies (theblackdog and Lt. Myrna pwnt and are looking at a nice promotion!) Due to the, um, overwhelming amount of reaction and interest in this forum battle but mainly your great performances Warhead and theblackdog are invited to command their factions for the next battle in this campaign as well. This campaign will continue, but first, I'm going to take a stop in Medivo and Return To Fantasy... :wink:
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lawmaster wrote:
Bragallot wrote:
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Postby enders_shadow » Tue Sep 06, 2011 9:46 pm

aah, that last sentence was my favorite of the day! Seriously though, this was great fun to read, and I love the idea (even if it isn't yours) of having ship to ship and boarding violence in the same battle. looking forward to the next battle, wonderful!
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Postby Theblackdog » Tue Sep 06, 2011 10:43 pm

Between the cool ships and the awesome boarding actions, this was probably my favorite of all the space battles here.  I may need to incorporate some of these rules into my own game -- the rules about using Minifigs as pilots are especially interesting.  

Lt. Myrna congratulates your excellent timing with the backup squad of marines.  I am planning a space battle of my own this winter... sadly all the factions have been built and I don't think I can rebuild one fleet as a Prussian force, but nevertheless you have a reserved spot now.  

Good game, everyone!
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Postby Zahru II » Wed Sep 07, 2011 1:46 am

Yay for epilogue bondage!

This was a cool fight Brags, I salute thee!
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Postby Killer Karetsu » Wed Sep 07, 2011 6:22 am

Awesome (hand)job!
Really enjoyed it!
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Re: Operation Mastercutor (Round 9-10) + Epilogue

Postby Warhead » Sun Feb 12, 2012 9:25 am

Whoa, I sure hope some of those typos weren't intended or at least word buttplugs. Great report very well done. I'd have suicided the ship as well as the troops but I had my chance and it's all would have/could haves now. Well done to all the commanders.  :guinness:
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