The Board Is Set

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The Board Is Set

Postby Ben-Jammin » Sun Oct 09, 2011 6:27 pm


In an empty cathedral, a mysterious figure waits patiently.


A large wooden door slowly creaks open behind the figure, who looks up from their reading of an old, crumpled manuscript.


"I've been expecting you," the figure said to the intruder, who just so happened to be Ben-Jammin the Exile.

"Have you?" Ben-Jammin replied. "Surely you didn't think that I would just forget about you would I?"

The figure chuckled slightly as Ben-Jammin walked toward them.


"I'm glad to see you again." the figure said, as they and Ben-Jammin shook hands.


"So? What did the Jedi say? Did they agree?" the figure said hurriedly.

"Relax," Ben-Jammin said, "They agreed. They don't suspect anything. Did you alert the Calvarians and the Kuragin to the situation?"

"I sent the transmission myself." the figure said. "They should be mobilizing their armies right now."

"Good..." Ben-Jammin said.


"Now, what about this artifakt?" the figure asked "What does it do?"

"This particular artifakt is just what we are looking for." Ben-Jammin said "It has teleportation potential. Massive teleportation potential. So large, in fact, that it could send our entire empire back to the Brikverse."

"Finally!" the figure said "After all those years of searching! And to think that a few excavation droids found it before the Jedi! Talk about good luck!"


"Patience," Ben-Jammin said coolly "We must be very precise. First the artifakt, then the computer files."

"What do the files contain?" the figure asked.

"That's where it gets even better. Apparently the CIS found more than just the artifakt in those ruins. Their droids logged ancient runes and symbols found at the site of the excavation into the files, and from what we can discern, they appear to be star charts to forgotten planets, both in this galaxy and the Brikverse."

"Incredible," the figure said.

"Those lost planets may be the Planets of Origin," Ben-Jammin said "Where the Force, Magic, and other untold secrets have laid buried for millenia. Finding those planets and their secrets could make us the most powerful beings in the universe! Imagine the power of their ancient works! The priceless treasures, untouched for eons! There would be no force that could stop us!"

"Indeed," the figure said. "And with them in our possession, you would be able to leave your exile and return to the throne! The usurper could be easily defeated, and you could once again attain your rightful place as ruler of the empire!"


"Yes," Ben-Jammin replied "After all these years, after drifting across the stars for what seemed like forever, I will finally re-attain my throne, restore our empire...Is the fleet ready?"

"Yes," the figure replied "We have used the Beige Carpet to conceal the majority of our fleet. Most of our ships are already in this system, waiting for the moment the artifakt is activated and the portal is opened to return to the Brikverse. I have established an elite ground team to provide a distraction for the Republic and CIS armies around the base. They should give us enough time to infiltrate and escape the base with the files and the artifakt in hand."

"Excellent," Ben-Jammin replied "Everything is going according to plan."


"Do you remember your objective?" Ben-Jammin said, turning to leave.

"Of course" the figure said, "But there is one last matter. What if the Republic or CIS ships manage to enter the portal as well? What if their fleets enter the Brikverse?"

"It is of little concern," Ben-Jammin said "Soon we will be at our full strength again, and nothing will be able to challenge us."

"Very well," the figure said "See you on the ground"

"Likewise," Ben-Jammin said.

And he left, the thick wooden door creaking shut behind him.
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Postby heavyfishcannon » Sun Oct 09, 2011 7:59 pm

Does this have anything to do with our campaign?
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Postby Ben-Jammin » Sun Oct 09, 2011 8:24 pm

No, its in preparation for HH.
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Re: The Board Is Set

Postby Paco » Sun Oct 09, 2011 9:57 pm

Ben-Jammin wrote:"They should be mobilizing their feces right now."

Tzan wrote:
Silverdream wrote:the link for a kingdom in turmoil leads to grave tidings.

Are you getting your ideas for posts from fortune cookies?
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Postby RunsWithLegos » Mon Oct 10, 2011 10:17 am

Ben-Jammin wrote:"They should be mobilizing their feces right now."

sounds good!
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