Brikwars Confrontations (A Turn Order Module)

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Brikwars Confrontations (A Turn Order Module)

Postby feuer_faust » Thu May 24, 2012 7:31 pm

This rules module is best used for small forces consisting of a dozen or less minifigs (or a dozen or less units). This module is based on how the 2nd edition of Confrontation played, and made for some interesting tactical play as well as a greater sense of involvement since everything happened incrementally. The order below uses a minfig's card as an iniative marker of sorts: note that while the base assumption is one minifig per card, you can group up to three identical minifigs onto one card to allow for more units while keeping the flow the same (they simply do their actions more-or-less simultaneously, like a combined move or a combined charge or something).

6. Each player decides the order their minifigs will activate this turn by placing the cards facedown in front of themselves.

7. Players roll a What I Say Goes roll to determine who goes first. Play then proceeds clockwise until the end of the round (you can pick some other order if you want, whatever works for you).

8. At this point, the first player reveals the card on the left of his activation order line and that minifig does the normal Brikwars stuff. Any minifig taking a reaction that normally costs a turn is revealed in their order line and is skipped when their turn would normally come up.

9. Any minifig that dies has their card removed from the action order for the game's duration. If they ever come back, they are added to the end of the current activation line face-down.

10. Once all cards have been turned face-up and all minifigs have acted, collect the cards and start the process over until victory.

If anybody has any feedback or would like to give this a whirl, please do and let me know how it went in this thread. :D
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