Operation Silver Bullet- BALEETED

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Operation Silver Bullet- BALEETED

Postby Colette » Fri Jul 20, 2012 2:33 pm

The Factions:

Channel 4 News Team: Terminated
Objectives: Document the madness.

Objectives: Claim credit for rescuing Banfull; get back at Assyrians for ZZD incident.

Objectives: Kidnap Banfull and vial for peachification purposes.

Objectives: Kidnap/kill Banfull; eradicate peaches.

Immortals: Termianted
Objectives: Rescue fellow immortal Banfull.

Objectives: Kidnap/kill Banfull.

Objectives: Survive.

Time-Traveling Super Jews: Terminated
Objectives: Kidnap Banfull and steal vial to sell both.

Trattorian Armor Corps:
Objectives: Protect vial and Banfull.

Trattorian Infantry:
Objectives: Protect vial and Banfull.

Scythians: Terminated
Objectives: Kill all immortals; kill Natalya (secret)

PedoNuker and Friends:
Objectives:  :warhead:

Beer-Cart Man: Terminated
Objectives: Bring the magic of beer to everybody!

Objectives: Teach Assyrians a moral lesson; kidnap Banfull; steal vial.

Go to Turn 5 for the most recent score table.

Winner: Silvarians
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Re: Operation Silver Bullet- BALEETED

Postby Silverdream » Tue Jul 31, 2012 1:01 pm

Colette wrote:Winner: Silvarians


Bragallot wrote:Just ask Silverdream. He decides what's true and right, and what someone said or meant at some point, even if they didn't. Clearly he is the most suitable person for fixing this mess.

Bluefog wrote:I mean, I could just throw my feces at you and my feelings would be conveyed adequately.
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