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Brik n'Roll Racing

Postby WestNordOst » Mon Sep 10, 2012 2:50 pm


These are simple rules loosely based on Brikwars 2001 for a Rock n'Roll Racing inspired racing game. I expect that you know Rock n'Roll Racing. Soundtrack here:

We played this one before a few times, click here for some in-action photos  :twisted: (use google translate or something)

§ The vehicle
There are some predefined vehicles to select from. Select any pre-made vehicle that fits your creation the best.

Code: Select all
           Acc/Dec  Top speed  Size  Cargo  Special
Car           6"       14"      4"     3    -
Motorbike     8"       14"      3"     2    hard to hit
Truck         6"       12"      5"     4    off-road vehicle
Armored       4"       14"      5"     3    armored, easy to hit, extra slot
Hovercraft    4"       16"      4"     3    bad bank, off-road vehicle
Racer         6"       16"      4"     3    street-vehicle, good bank, one slot less, fragile

  The greater the size, the easier it is to ram away other vehicles.

Good/bad bank:
  The vehicle's turn radius is better/worse than normal.
Hard/easy to hit:
  An attacker gets a malus/bonus of 1 to hit this vehicle.
  The vehicle gets less/more speed malus on off-road terrain.

  The vehicle has XXXX more/less hitpoints until it explodes.

One less slot/extra slot:
  With one slot less, the vehicle can only carry two of a gadget, weapon or obstacle. With an extra slot, the vehicle can carry one of each plus one of any.
§.1 Create your own vehicle
You can also create custom vehicle stats by selecting one each out of two components: Tires and chassis. (We assume that any vehicle will have the biggest possible engine inside so there is no selection for that here. Use the stats of the car (see above) and make the modifications you like:


Code: Select all
  Normal Tires    -
  Slicks          +2" Top speed, street-vehicle
  Hover           +2" Top speed, off-road vehicle, -2" Acc/Dec, bad bank
  Off-road tires  -1" Top speed, off-road vehicle
  Tracked         -2" Top speed, armored, off-road vehicle, turn while standing


Code: Select all
  Normal          -
  Small           -1" Size, +2" Acc/Dec, -1 cargo, hard to hit
  Armored         +1" Size, -1" Acc/Dec, armored, extra slot
  Cargo bed       +1" Size, -1" Top speed, +1 cargo
  Spoiler         fragile, one less slot, good bank

# Actions

During every turn, the player has one action.

Each player can choose a weapon, an obstacle to drop and a gadget for his vehicle. Any of these can be used at any time during your turn. But using one of these counts as an action, so you can only do one thing in one turn. Vehicles with reduced/increased cargo capacity have two/four instead of three charges for weapons with limited ammo.

Moreover, there are some maneuvers that can be done by all vehicles which all count as an action.

#.1 Weapon
Weapons can only point forward (except for the turret) and thus only shoot at targets that are max. 15° off.

Code: Select all
Name        Damage      ToHit    Range  Special
Minigun     2d6+2       5 (x3)   14"    3x Salve, Halve malus of zigzagging
Laser       3d6+2       3        20"    
Cannon      1d20+2d6    4        20"    Slow, Blast
Missiles    2d10+2      4        24"    Only 3x Ammo, Blast
Turret      2d6+2       4        16"    Turret, may turn 360°

#.2 Obstacles

Each vehicle can choose one type of obstacle to put in the way of other players. You normally have three charges for any type of weapon.

  Explodes on contact (or if a vehicle comes 1" close and fails a handling check). It does 2d10+2 blast damage.

  A timed explosive. Same as the mine only that it explodes at the end of any round of the players choice.
Oil puddle
  An oil puddle has a diameter of about 3". Any vehicle that passes over the oil puddle can not steer until it is out of the puddle. Also, the driver of that vehicle has to roll a handling check. If it fails, his vehicle is out of control.

Crow's feet

  Crow's feet cover an area of about 2". Any vehicle that passes over it, immediately looses half of it's speed and movement points. Also, the driver of that vehicle has to roll a handling check. If it fails, his vehicle is out of control.
#.3 Gadgets
You have three charges for any gadget. Using a gadget counts as an action and thus can only be used instead of using a weapon or doing special maneuver. Here
are some ready-made gadgets:


  Increases the MP and speed of the vehicle by 6". If it's speed then excesses the vehicle's top speed, it's speed will slow down to it's top speed next turn.

  Jump into the air (about 5 bricks). While in the air, it can't be shot at, bombs, mines and anything else on the ground does have no effect on the vehicle. The vehicle stays in the air for half of it's speed. This can mean, that the vehicle stays in the air until your next turn.

Force field
  Protect your vehicle until the start of your next turn: You get one extra armor die.

Smoke screen
  You are harder to hit until the start of your next turn. The attacker gets a malus of two on his skill roll. With this gadget you have unlimited charges.

#.4 Maneuvers
These actions can be done by all vehicles and all count as an action.

Drive On The Limit

  Turn radius and acceleration/deceleration value of the vehicle can be exceeded on one's own risk.
  Acceleration/deceleration: This requires a handling check with the malus of the difference from the desired value to what would be normally possible. If the handling check fails, the vehicle is out of control and accelerates/decelerates only half of the possible value.
  Turn radius: The required handling check has a malus of the movement points that are missing to reach the desired turn radius, NOT the normal malus of
  speed/5. If it fails, the vehicle is out of control.
Power Slide

  Deliberately loose wheel grip and the control of your vehicle. Instead of having to think about the turn radius, you can just put on the handbrake and hit the steering wheel big. Turn the car into the desired direction (max 90°) and continue like with a normal loss of control.

  To make yourself harder to hit, you can zigzag in your turn. Roll a handling check with a malus of X and loose X" speed. If you fail, your vehicle is out of control. If the check succeeds, anyone who shoots at you gets a malus of X on his attack.

% The driver
You can select any of these three drivers for your vehicle:

Code: Select all
  Gunner    +1 bonus on weapon checks
  Pilot     +1 bonus un handling checks
  Co-pilot  another driver in the vehicle. One extra action per turn

~.ß Rough ground

On rough ground (sand, grass, anything off-road) vehicles slow down. The top speed of any vehicle on rough ground is decreased by 25% and you have to spend 25% more movement points for movement on this kind of ground. Your vehicle counts as on that ground as long as at least two wheels are on it. Water slows you down by 50%. Off-road vehicles take no malus on rough ground an only 25% malus in water.
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Re: Brik n'Roll Racing

Postby Apollyon » Mon Sep 10, 2012 7:31 pm

German Brikwars players? Something went wrong here.
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Re: Brik n'Roll Racing

Postby Cytheran » Tue Sep 11, 2012 7:25 pm

Pretty sweet man. That game was the shit back in the day. I like how thought out the game system is.
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Re: Brik n'Roll Racing

Postby samuelzz10 » Wed Sep 12, 2012 11:01 pm

rock and roll racing < F-ZERO
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Re: Brik n'Roll Racing

Postby GeneralOfDeath » Wed Sep 12, 2012 11:10 pm

:troll: but true
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Re: Brik n'Roll Racing

Postby samuelzz10 » Thu Sep 13, 2012 5:38 pm

GeneralOfDeath wrote::troll: but true
thank you my good chap.
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