A Life at a Glance

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A Life at a Glance

Post by mgb519 » Wed Jan 16, 2013 9:38 pm

I wrote a poem tonight to remember my grandfather who passed away today. I've never felt myself to be a great poet, but here goes:

Paper can do you no justice
A man who lived through thick and thin
83 years is a long time running
Run you did, as more than a friend

Mentor, teacher, encouraging all
I am proudly your son’s son
And though this day is hard to bear
Eighty three years is a long hard run

Doctors said time and time again
Said the curtains were falling soon
But you were just too stubborn to die
And three years your body prevented its doom

You will by many missed, it is certain
And in many your legacy will evermore live
And what will be said of you can be said of none
Naught even from fear of death has he hid.

Your passions were more than I can count
And indeed math was one, and among a few
From kaleidoscopes to wooden models of ships
And watching birds another thing you would do

This lowly planet dies a little today
And I pity those who sit unaware
Many lives you have touched in your stay on earth
And for this those lives could not be prepared

I know that you ascend to a higher place
And strange, though not for lack of love
Is the unexplained peace that I am now feeling
Almost as if I can feel you above

I’m no artist, though your wife is and was
I cannot immortalize you in a song or dance
This poem I put forth to the world imperfect
Shows of your great life but a tiny glance

And so I close, with no words good enough
As tribute to your kind old self
You lived with wisdom and kindness abound
Let your life stand beyond just a book on a shelf.
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Re: A Life at a Glance

Post by Silverdream » Wed Jan 16, 2013 9:54 pm

It's a pretty good ode.
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Re: A Life at a Glance

Post by BFenix » Sun Jan 20, 2013 12:01 am

Good poem Mgb. To me poetry can't really be said to be wrong, right, good or bad. It's something very personal and relative that the reader either understands, or doesn't.

It's difficult to be certain, but I think you expressed yourself pretty well, dude. It's what we all want to give to the people we care about that have passed away after all. Immortality beyond our memory.

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