I got issues

Jesus Christ, guys. No one cares about your fucking problems.
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Re: I got issues

Postby Bragallot » Sat Feb 16, 2013 8:52 pm

mercury19 wrote:It alos goes to show that (most) Brikwarriors are cool people underneath their  :troll: :twisted: internet identities.


@Brag: I think this is some of the most helpful advice ever. Is there a way to know when your brain/subconscious thing is right? Because I'm always looking at the why. Like, why can't I do this? Why do I not feel that way? And most of the time it feels like I'm making an excuse. Matter of fact, as I'm typing this I'm looking at why I feel this way.

Most of the time, your inner critic is wrong. Whenever all that's stopping you from doing something is just the thought you shouldn't do it for no apparent reason (for example, I shouldn't talk to this person because he / she might not like me, so I won't talk to him / her and not find out at all, I won't go to this party not because I don't want to, but because I'm nervous about it, even if it means I won't even know if I would have had a good time if I did go) and not something you can work out and support with logic (for example: I can't kill this person because killing people is bad, I can't insult this person because it's just not worth it, those would be good reasons for listening, but as I said, our brain also often gets overbearing in its attempts to stop us from doing anything where the outcome isn't 100 percent sure, and even then it sometimes does).

A rule of thumb for ignoring your inner critic is: am I potentially missing out on an opportunity for something good to happen if I listen to him? Most of the time, it'll stop you from doing just about anything if you listen to it all the time. I've found that doing exactly the opposite most of the time often yields much better results.
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lawmaster wrote:
Bragallot wrote:
lawmaster wrote:Kill the guy I'm in cc with.
He's already dead.
Kill him again.
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