METAL (this has probably been done before)

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METAL (this has probably been done before)

Postby samuelzz10 » Mon Jun 17, 2013 1:29 pm

I think there needs to be rules for metal, and different archetypes and cliches, etc. The basic rule is you give them a different a archetype and guitar, that gives them different abilities. You can't get over 6 power points though. Also, only 2 metal men per team.

Hair Metal: (electric cliche) (overall points:2)
Skill: 1d4 (too hooked on coke to think straight without manager nearby, doesn't need to roll skill on guitar related attacks)
Move: 6"
Armor: 2d6-1
special: without guitar has 4d4 SN dice

Black Metal: (summoning cliche) (overall points: 3)
Skill: 1d8
Move: 5"
special: gets +1 when being revived

(I'll add more archetypes later)

Flying V: SN DICE: 4d8 (4 points) Type: Electric
Stratocaster: SN DICE: 3d4, 1d6 (3 points) Type: Fire
Warlock: SN DICE: 3d6 (2 points) Type: Fire, Summoning
Explorer: SN DICE: 4d8, 3d4 (5 points) Type: anything

Post your own stuff here too.
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