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Highlander THE RPG

Postby samuelzz10 » Thu Aug 08, 2013 5:50 pm

Silverdream wrote:
samuelzz10 wrote:
Natalya wrote:My greatest dream is to build a decent sized city out of Lego that looks reasonably realistic, and then use it for like a continuous roleplay.  The 3rd part of the Head Separator battle had about the size I'm hoping for, but with better buildings and stuff.  People would have houses or apartments and could live there and then like there would be NPC quests and stuff or something awesome like that.

I made something similar to this once, but it was a city block and a hitman instead. Basically, there was a dungeon master and the hitman (or hitmen) and the hitman had to kill a minifig with no clear identification (IE: He's wearing a green shirt is all you have to go off of) and other hitmen had to try and kill you. Also, killing the wrong guy attracted the cops. It was pretty awesome.

Damn, now I'm wishing you recorded that.

Natalya's thing sounds cool, but it also sounds like <a href='http://tinyurl.com/y42zurt'>alot</a> of work. Then again, that's what Rayhawk said about forum battles.

Well, now YOU can experience the hitman game, but with a twist! It's like the movie Highlander.

The character creation in this is very simple. It is similar to Zuppon's rpg. You have 6 points to distribute among 4 stats:
SKILL: 1d4, 1d6, 1d8, 1d10, 1d12
MOVE: 5", 7", 9", 11", 13"
ARMOR: 1d4, 1d6, 1d8, 1d10, 1d12
SN DICE: 1d6, 2d6, 3d6, 4d6
(You can turn 1d12 into 2d6 and so on)

Each character also gets one special ability, and 2 standard ones.
SKILL 1: Heal: If he gets shot, (and loses the armor roll) he has 2 turns to heal and come back to life, unless he is beheaded.
SKILL 2: Sword Skill SN: Each SN dice he has can go towards using his sword (all characters need a sword regardless of their stats to behead other highlanders)
Sword skill includes things like adding strength to each blow, Lunging further, or increasing your block strength.
The third skill can be anything, but not a heroic feat.

The battle field should be a small city block or something. Also, there should be a space for cops to spawn at. Whenever a non-immortal dies, or a gun is shot, cops come and try to kill the offender(s). Don't do this unless there is a DM or something. Cops don't respawn if the same offense is repeated in the same duel, and don't follow units after they finish the duel they're in.

Every time an immortal beheads another one (beheading requires no roll if the other unit was shot down earlier) the immortal gains a little bit of THE QUICKENING. The Quickening is the strength received after another immortal dies. A immortal gains the other immortal's special ability and half of his stats. (If it's an odd number, round down)

(Immortals have no affiliation with Immortals)
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