Operation Annihilation (Sign-up)

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Operation Annihilation (Sign-up)

Postby Bragallot » Thu Aug 22, 2013 3:44 pm


Moments after the battle at Reichingrad ended, two cruisers appeared above the planet. Despite the fact there were still victorious Prussians down there, their weapon systems were ready for a bombardment.


"Do not answer any of the base's transmissions. They probably think we're allied, it's best if they think so until it's too late."

"Dun worry, missie. They're not goin' anywhere."

"Valeera. You got back quickly."


"I'm not a pirate 'cos I'm slow. Had to be pretty quick to acquire this lil' Venus, too."


Opposite from them, a relief fleet of Neo-Prussian frigates suddenly comes out of hyperbrikspace.


Dominator Captain: "Who are you? You aren't part of the fleet guarding this system. I'm getting high energy readings from your ships, why are you getting ready for a bombardment? Explain yourselves."


"We're going to wipe out that base with everyone in it, little girl. You can either join us, or be destroyed."


"Are you reading that? It looks like those infidels in the cruisers are dissidents of some kind."


Inquisitor Alonso: "Indeed. Best destroy them both."

"Inquisitor, isn't it strange that we haven't encountered any of those mutants we thought we were going to find here?"


"You mean these beauties, inquistadore? They are my creation, not Der Kaiser or Sir Bragallot or anyone else's. You were meant to think Der Kaiser was behind those attacks, so you would be sure to retaliate once you knew where to find them. Sharane thought her spies had found the location of this base by themselves, but it was I who leaked this information to her, so my rivals would slaughter one another here. Everything's going according to plan."


Disruptor Captain: "Sacrilege! Those are Prussian soldiers, Prussian lives you are toying with! What did you do to those men? Who are you?!"


"I am Bragina, and I am the future. These men joined and follow me willingly because I promised to get them their planet back. I'm here to rid you of the corrupt rule of Der Kaiser and Sir Bragallot, and bring some justice to that bitch Sharane. Bombing this planet will be the first step. Did you know an Immortal takes longer to regenerate the more thoroughly you annihilate them? How long do you think Sharane will need to regenerate if I drop a Q-Bomb on her ass? I'll be able to make all of her work undone before she returns, so it won't even matter anymore once she does."




Energia: "You'll have to get past us first, Prussian dogs!"


"Heh. You must be the last of Sharane's little bitches. Let's see, the first was impaled on her own sword by a Prussian officer, the second I turned into chow and Sharane herself got munched on by crocodiles. I wonder what fate has in store for you."

"Enough! Kill them!"


Psychotic Britannian Princess: "Yes! Kill them!"


"It looks like you're outnumbered, infidel. You'd better make peace with your infidel countrymen, or this could all be over very quickly."


"You poor, unknowing pawns. Did you even know the real reason Sharane unleashed the Peach Virus on New Prussia? She works neither for the Immortal Empire nor you, she is only interested in her own benefit. She resurrected Valenza and had him control New Prussia, so she could build up her own empire from there and crush all the living that remain after the Immortal War is over."


Eagle Captain: "Regardless of whether or not that is true, we can't let you bomb this planet while Der Kaiser and more of our kinsmen are still down there, rebel. You'll have to get through us first."

"So you're not joining me? A shame, I wouldn't have advised you to attack us with those little boats you have, but so be it."


Alonso: "Kill them all, the Prussians, the rebels, the Immortals and Brittanians as well! The blonde hag is right, Sharane was only using us as her tools!"

Welcome to Operation Annihilation, the Microspace follow-up to the Siege of Reichingrad.

Available ships

Spoiler: show
Inquistadores (bottom left)

Objective: annihilate the Immortal, Prussian and Bragina's forces

Alonso's Jaguar ('Vinambre's Curse') - Silverdream
Dragonhead ('Santa Espada') - open

Immortal Alliance (top right)

Objective: Stop Bragina from bombing Reichingrad. Stop the Prussians from evacuating Der Kaiser. Kill the treasonous Inquistadores.

Energia's Terrorcharger ('the Darkstar II') - Kalvinator
Princess' Brittanian Mothership ('the Francis Drake') - open

Neo-Prussian relief force (top left)

Objective: Reach the marker and hold it for two turns with either of your ships to allow the survivors to get off the planet, then evacuate them off the map. Alternately, destroy Bragina's forces and drive off the others.

Dominator - Falk
Eagle - 428th division
Disruptor - me

Bragina's forces (bottom right)

Objective: Reach the marker and hold it for two turns with either of your ships so you can bomb the planet. Do not let the relief force evacuate Der Kaiser!

Bragina's Mastercutor - theblackdog
Valeera's Venus - open


My microspace rules:

Spoiler: show

The core of what you need to know to play.

Pilot crews

The pilots and captain of your ship play an active role. Each ship has 2 pilots and 1 captain. They each have 1 action they can use towards operating the ship's weapons or systems. Their skill is rolled against the UR of the weapon / system. A pilot can only shoot 1 weapon type, but he can shoot every weapon of that type the ship has at one target (so he could fire all 4 small turrets with 1 action but not fire both a small turret as well as a rocket launcher with his 1 action). The same weapon can only be fired once each round, but there is no limit on system usage (so all pilots could for example try to increase shield output at the same time).

Possible captain / pilot actions (effects last a round):
- Increase movement output (+1” move) UR: 4
- Increase shield output (+1 to shield) UR: 4
- Increase weapon output (+1 damage) UR: 4
- Increase targeting systems (+1 accuracy) UR: 4
- Use weapon (UR / effects differ)
- Commence boarding (no UR)

Automatic weapons

Some weapons are AI-controlled and will automatically fire, but you can also command them to fire on different targets for free. The skill of the AI is rolled against the UR of the automatic weapon system. The skill of the AI depends on your ship.

[url=http://www.brikwars.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=8598]Ship stats[/u]

Quick order template:

Title: Round + ship / hero / whatever
Using systems: which pilot does what other than firing.
Automatic systems: they will always automatically shoot the nearest enemy vessel in range, but you could also specify targets.
Heroic feat: optional, but encouraged  
Movement: where does your ship go, how does it turn, if it does.
Attacks: which pilot fires which weapon at which part of the enemy ship or possible boarding actions.


Title: Round 4 Captain Hook
Using systems: Slimy Pete attempts to increase movement output.
Automatic systems: My ship's anti-fighter turrets and tower should fire on the enemy bombercraft.
Heroic feat: Captain Hook shouts some 'your momma is so fat...' jokes across the comlink to Peter Pan to make him cry and decrease his skill by -1 for the round.
Movement: My ship moves up beside Peter Pan's.
Shooting: Ugly Joe fires the harpoons at one of Peter Pan's turrets. Captain Hook orders to board the ship. He joins the attack but leaves Slimy Pete and Ugly Joe to steer the ship. Once inside slaughter them all and snuggle their moms. It's the only way to be sure.


The details of how everything works.

Movement: The basic movement your ship has is free. Just keep in mind turning your ship also costs inches. The ‘inch cost’ is simply the distance the ship has to turn measured from the nose away to the nose's new position. Keep in mind this means larger ships will have more difficulties turning quickly.

Movement mods (for attacker’s skill rolls)
3”: +1
4”: no mod
5”: -1
(and so on)

Slowing down: A ship always has to move at at least half the speed it was moving it's last turn.

Movement indicators: I’ll keep track of the speed at which something is moving by the number of bricks I’ll put behind it. 1” is indicated by 1 stud.

Size mods
Size 1 (all fightercraft and ship’s weapons): -1”
Size 2 (gunboats / frigates): no mod
Size 3 (cruisers) +1

Destroying weapons: You can order your crew to aim at enemy ships' weapons at the cost of +1 UR (since weapons are size 1). Weapons have only 1 SP. Their armour is the ship’s armour minus 1. In the event of a weapon being destroyed the hull is damaged by the resulting 1d6 explosion + eventual plowthrough damage. An area of effect attack may damage the hull and the weapons simultaneously.

Nearmiss: Unless you miss really badly a missed attack against fe a turret will probably still hit the hull of a ship.

Firing angles: some weapons only shoot in a straight line, others have a wider range. This’ll always be specified in the weapon’s stats.

Firing missiles: Missiles are homing and continue moving towards their target after they are fired. If you skillfail they will fly the amount of points you skillfailed off course before readjusting the next round. They can only adjust 1” for every 2” distance crossed and if they pass their target they won’t come around again. On a 1 they explode prematurely and damage your ship.

Boarding: If your ship or boarding pod gets as close as 1" or less to an enemy ship you can board it. For ships this requires an action. Once boarding is initiated, both ship's marines will immediately start fighting. The attacker and defender will have to specify whether they want their captains and / or pilots to leave the bridge to join the fight. Attention: the ship becomes uncontrolable if they leave the bridge. If all defending marines are dead the captain / pilots are forced to leave the bridge and join the fight.

Ramming: Ramming / crashing damage is calculated as follows: Armour of ramming ship + speed +- opposing speed + size + shields + SP (when the order is to kamikaze rather than ram the ramming ship's remaining SP are added at the cost of the ramming ship being destroyed automatically)

Turn Order / Crews / Craft

Spoiler: show
Ship / Captain / pilots / marines

Alonso's Jaguar - Inquisitor Alonso, 2 pilots, 1 commando flamer, 4 elite troopers
Darkstar - Energia, 2 Terrorkhan pilots, 1 Terrorkhan Berserker, 4 Terrorkhan marines
Dominator Himmelsjäger, 2 pilot bots, 4 Jaegers
Mastercutor Bragina, 2 mutant pilots, Helena, 4 mutants
Dragonhead Captain, 2 pilots, 1 commando melee specialist, 4 heavy troopers
Brittanian Mothership Psychotic Princess, Tennis Girl and Brit Pop, 5 marines (like aeronaughts but without the jetpacks)
Eagle Himmelsjäger, 2 pilot bots, 4 Wolves
Venus Valeera, 2 heavy pirates, 5 regular pirates
Disruptor Himmelsjäger, 2 pilot bots, 4 Wolves


Alonso's Jaguar - 4 executioner fighters
Darkstar - 4 immortal strike fighters
Dominator 2 mobhunters
Mastercutor 4 mobhunters
Dragonhead 4 executioner fighters
Brittanian Mothership 4 brittanian strike fighters
Eagle 1 mobhunter
Venus 4 assyrian strike fighters
Disruptor none

Ship stats: viewtopic.php?f=6&t=8598
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Re: Operation Annihilation (Sign-up)

Postby Natalya » Thu Aug 22, 2013 3:49 pm

Jesus Christ.  I call Secret Faction 2.
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Re: Operation Annihilation (Sign-up)

Postby 428th Division » Thu Aug 22, 2013 5:37 pm

May I take the Neo-Prussian Eagle?
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Re: Operation Annihilation (Sign-up)

Postby Kalvinator » Fri Aug 23, 2013 2:52 am

Energia's Terrorcharger would be great.
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Re: Operation Annihilation (Sign-up)

Postby Bragallot » Fri Aug 23, 2013 10:12 am

Secret faction? Hmm, let's see if this fills up first. I'm kinda losing faith in the activity of the forum. It could be worse but... it has been better.
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Re: Operation Annihilation (Sign-up)

Postby Apollyon » Fri Aug 23, 2013 11:32 am

I am always interested in your battles only microspace is not my thing.
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Re: Operation Annihilation (Sign-up)

Postby Bragallot » Fri Aug 23, 2013 12:08 pm

Not even my microspace?
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Re: Operation Annihilation (Sign-up)

Postby Silverdream » Fri Aug 23, 2013 12:16 pm

I'll take the jaguar.
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Re: Operation Annihilation (Sign-up)

Postby Falk » Fri Aug 23, 2013 12:18 pm

Neo-Prussian Dominator please.
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Re: Operation Annihilation (Sign-up)

Postby Theblackdog » Fri Aug 23, 2013 4:15 pm

All right, more microspace!  I'll take the Mastercutor.
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Re: Operation Annihilation (Sign-up)

Postby Bragallot » Sat Aug 24, 2013 2:33 pm

No more players? Okay, then since we have someone on every team anyway I'll just ask Silverdream, Kalvinator and theblackdog to send orders for their allied ship as well. Keep in mind that the turn order will remain the same.
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Re: Operation Annihilation (Sign-up) - Send your orders!

Postby Bragallot » Fri Aug 30, 2013 8:07 am

Still need orders from Silverdream.
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