BrikWars championships - a new idea

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BrikWars championships - a new idea

Postby Arkbrik » Sun Sep 01, 2013 3:39 pm

So it's BrikWars championship season again in Sweden. Yes I did do a tournament for Astarte but I forgot my camera so whatever.

Anyway here is my new idea for a championship. One big table with drop-in entry, kind of like how Moronstudios does it. During the game you have 1 Benny to give to someone when they do something awesome. If your whole army dies and you still haven't given away the Benny, then tough shit, give it to someone. You can get back in the game with a new army as soon as you die. When time is up whoever got the most Bennies wins. (Every Benny you got counts towards the end score even if you used it in the battle.)

What do you think of that? See any problems or ways to abuse it?
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Re: BrikWars championships - a new idea

Postby Grey Pennies » Mon Sep 16, 2013 11:26 am

You need to be sure a neutral third party is keeping track of who gets Bennies. I would also make sure that said neutral third party can also give several Bennies for meeting specific objectives (First Blood, first to the flag, flag captured, etcetera) But, without telling anyone what those objectives are. Or at least not all of them.

Be wary of doing this on an overly large scale. If you do, obviously you would need multiple games running at once... and, therefore, multiple neutral third parties to babysit the players.
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