Brikwars against Humanity

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Brikwars against Humanity

Postby Silverdream » Thu Sep 19, 2013 10:50 pm

Black Cards:
Spoiler: show
"MGB asks you to revise his latest work, ___"
  "Over 9000 _____!"
"MGB's latest story involves ___ fighting against ___"
"The Anti-___ Aliance has been recently created"
"____ is a _____"
"Colette posted a fanfiction about ___"
"There once was a ____ who could ____ so hard, that his ____ had a ____."
"Realizing he's seconds away from death, ___ performs the only feat left to him: ___"
"Stubby delays the rulebook and instead ___"
"I advertise my architectural design business on _____."
"You built ____ out of Lego?!"
"Technically the _____  is what blew up the _____, so the _____ gets the experience points."
"Asterios has 15,000 ___"
"when the battle had turned against the Third Alliance, Klaus Jr. attempted to summon _____"
  "____ gets an Almighty Benny for _____"
  "The only thing Dilanski fears to read about:  _____"
  "Natalya decided to stop using the Assyrians because ____ "
"The Trianglists are no match for the cult of ____!"
  "Silverdream's Budding Bromance with _____"
"The New Emoticon, _____"
"This latest version of brikwaRPG includes mechanics for ___"
"It looks like Natalya wordfiltered ____ into ____"
"Silverdream would've had a date with that girl, but she was _____"
""Colette condemns ___"
  "Stubby made a gif of ___ fucking ___"
  "Tzan posted ____ in the bricks forum"
  "Rayhawk once ____ while doing _____"
   "When my floppy penis posted something other than dicks, it was ___"
    "I made a SHIP named the ___ and it's as big as ___"
   "The pedi order is now hiring ___"
    "The Immortal War started due to ___"
   " The yellow minifigs are _____ and hate the peaches because of _____."
   "When Warhead gets bored, he starts _____"
   "Who has the hill?"
  "Canada is a nation of _____, _____, and _____"
  "What has GoD been banned for this time?"
  "In the next thrilling instalment of the Mibbit chat, _____!"
  "When you try to break the hill, ____ and ___ happens"
  "_____ is literally _____"
  "Quantumsurfer recently edited a wiki article about ____"
  "____ and ____, OTP."
  "Warhead's new sig is a gif showing ___"
  "Colette's new rank title is ____"
   "___ caused me to start lurking again"
     "___ is Silva's Shinji"
   "Whiteagle's new fetish ____"
  "Samuelzz10 recently performed ____ for an audience of ____"
   "Overwatch_Elite recently posted a tutorial about how to ___"
   "Warhead once made love to _____"
   "Colette took a girl off his "To platonicly buy stuff for" list because she only had 3 AP classes and ____"
  "Scythe is feeding ____ to his kids"
  "_____'s main forces are comprised of _____"

White Cards:
Spoiler: show
"Deadly Space Man"
  "Colette's crush"
  "Manly Stories"
"B'lack Obama"
"sucking Silverdream's dick"
"Battery Store"
"Flick-fire missiles"
"Vladimir Putin"
"A pile of dead mothers"
  "Natalya's sex life"
  "Ball joints"
"Dick Pictures"
  "Tzan Quotes"
  "booty bothered"
  "Peach Lotion"
  "Proper anal sex"
  "The eternal 'Cucumbers vs. Nanners' Debate"
  "The Aristocrats""
  "The Pokemon Story""
   "Lesbian King Arthur on a motorbike"
  "The beluga photo"
  "Chron Johnson"
  " Hypocratic Psychotic Vulgarian"
  "Diarrhea Death"
  "POOP Dragons"
  "Scythian Empire"
   "Assyrian Star Empire"
  "Peach genocide"
  "James Burgundy"
  "Hammer of discipline"
  "The Uberkaiser"
   "A gameshow centered around guessing colette's latest excuse for misogyny"
  "Blitzen, i am boneriffic Assassin"
  "13 Year olds"
  "Angsty Teens"
  "Dumpster full of dimmies"
"Pandoranuker's alts"
  "The Anti Penis club"
  "Orange Transparent Chainsaw"
  "The skull on the recieving end of Scythe's little helper"
  "Warhead's losing streak"
"Silverdream's confusing sexuality"
"A horde of Jack Stone 'figs."
" Silverdream's lady parts"
  "Zombie Zulu Dawn"
  "Kaiser Klaus"
  "The Almighty Banhammer"
  "Orange Transparent Chainsaw"
  "Official Forum Troll"
  "Piltogg's Quest"
"Second Battle of New York"
  "The Sharktank"
"The Killdozer"
"Armoured Core
"A three-foot tall penis built by Dr. X"
  "Overwatch_Elite's Vami_VI body pillow"
  "Aesthetically Pleasing Hills"
"Aesthetically Ambiguous Island"
  "Overwatch_Elite's Lucky Star body pillow"
  "Craig's List"
"Zahru Troll Arm"
"A dead moderator"
  "Aesthetically Doubtful Spire"
"Shitting Bricks"
"Drunken Let's plays"
  "Zahru's secret hatred of Romani"
“Warhead fucking moms”
"What I say goes roll"
  "Crushing social anxiety"
  "double sided lance of longinus"
  "The worst traits of Misato Katsuragi and Shinji Ikari rolled into one giant ball of old fat."
“Shadowscythe skullfucking”
“Anal disruptor”
"Drinking, fucking and fighting"
“Nine Artifax of Pre-Creation”
"my floppy penis"
“The Rulebook”
“Colette’s Mom”
“Scratch’s actual face”
  "Friggin' in the rigging"
“All of silva’s deleted posts, in hardcopy”
“King of the Hill”
  "The Scythian Shorts"
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Re: Brikwars against Humanity

Postby Overwatch_Elite » Sat Sep 21, 2013 9:08 am

I still love you silverdream
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In ™ We Trust Overwatch
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Re: Brikwars against Humanity

Postby The Shadowscythe » Sat Sep 21, 2013 11:33 am

Silverdream would've had a date with that girl, but she was - The skull on the recieving end of Scythe's little helper

For this, you win +2 points.
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