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Postby samuelzz10 » Fri Jan 03, 2014 2:55 am

Well, I edited this thread's OP because this is now a topic about my band as a whole.

All that stuff about the demo? LIES.
I've written and composed about 15 songs, Khaotik has written around 3 songs (I know, he's a lazy asshole) and we're going to skip making a demo all together and make an album and an EP. (we're going to try and find another band so we can make a split EP with our EP)

None of the songs mentioned earlier will be in the Demo, (except one or two, that whole duel with devil thing Khaotik mentioned earlier was never going to happen) but I'll post some of the FINAL demos as they are finished. I've composed guitar and written vocals, but I still need to make the vocals work with the guitar better.

Here's one of the finished guitar tracks, which will be shortened at a later time:
The song is called The Whimsical Toaster. The purpose is so the album can have one 100% SFW track for kids to show their parents the band is SFW, so they can go to concerts. (Like Nothing else Matters by Metallica)
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