Lego Friends, err, FIENDS

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Re: Lego feces, err, FIENDS

Postby mgb519 » Wed Apr 11, 2012 3:01 pm

Thunderdumb is not as good as a real filter.
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Re: Lego Friends, err, FIENDS

Postby stubby » Mon Feb 10, 2014 10:43 am

(from Rob Bender)
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Re: Lego Friends, err, FIENDS

Postby Brikguy0410 » Mon Feb 10, 2014 2:56 pm

Ya know wit I think lego needs to do, bring back good old mars mission, I mean if they made the drones more posable and I like to gargle balls. armed the figs, it would be awsome, I think it should be revived, I mean they did it with space police not once, not twice, but three fucking times, and we all know the only thing space police is good for is being scrapped for parts
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Re: Lego Friends, err, FIENDS

Postby Overwatch_Elite » Mon Feb 10, 2014 3:08 pm

Brikguy0410 wrote:and I like to gargle balls

I was already under that impression but I don't think this was the place to post it
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Re: Lego Friends, err, FIENDS

Postby Brikguy0410 » Mon Feb 10, 2014 6:37 pm

Overwatch_Elite wrote:
Brikguy0410 wrote:and I like to gargle balls

I was already under that impression but I don't think this was the place to post it

Really? The whole post edit thing is old news bro, you aren't on top of your game, I'm concerned  :?
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Re: Set Review: Apple Tree House #5891

Postby morganm » Wed Feb 12, 2014 12:03 pm

stubby wrote:I can't remember if I've given my Friends opinion on the forums yet, seems like I've been yapping about it all over the rest of the internet - but what the hell is up with the feminist outrage here.  We put out a line with a girl in a robotics lab, a girl tearing around on an ATV, a girl running her own design studio, etc. etc. etc., and people are complaining that it's stereotyped?  Just because it's got some pink in it?  It has a freaking robotics lab!

How many "boy" sets have a robotics lab?  Or any non-combat roles for male characters?  Where was all their moral outrage about gender stereotyping those?  The Friends line is the least gender-stereotyped playtheme that Lego has done in years.  People who start knee-jerk frothing at the mouth in a Pavlovian response to the color pink need to be kicked out of the feminists club.

Totally agree!  

Also it's not Lego's fault that girls like... girl stuff... and boys like, well, boy stuff.  It's truly up to the parents on this one anyway.  Lego isn't standing the isle telling little girls to put down those Ninjago sets while handing them a Friends set.  My daughters love ALL Legos!  My oldest daughter saw the Friends stuff and was like "OH MY GLOB I MUST HAVE THOSE!"  I didn't force them on her, nobody told her to stop playing with the 'boy' Legos and go play with the 'girl' Legos... SHE wanted them.  They are pink and cute.  She looks at the little dogs and birds and is like "Awww they are so CUUUUTE".  She sees all the cool food props and loves them.  Oh and my oldest daughter loves Ninjago cartoons on Netflix.  She watched like all of the episodes one weekend.  I watched  few and something tells me adolescent girls weren't their target audience =P  

Look I've raised 2 girls and a boy.... my brothers all had girls and boys, and my brother in-law has 8 kids fairly mixed genders.... girls just naturally like girl stuff.  Boys natrully like boy stuff.  It isn't some white male opression forcing or brainwashing them into stereotypical female roles.  I can't count all the times my girls, as very young toddlers, instinctively did girly stuff.  They pick up little stuffed animals and cradel them; they lower their head down to them and try comfort them.  My boy as a toddler grabbed stuffed animals, threw them, and laughed.  When a cute puppy comes on TV or they see one IRL my girls are all like "AWWWW...", fold their arms kinda like hugging them selves, smile really big, and make funny little cooing noises.  My boy would just be like "cute dog" and try to wrastle it.  

My girls are just girly and it's fine... dare I say... natrual?  My daugthers are more emotional than my son ever was.  They talk and use words 10 times more than my son ever did.  Their feelings get hurt a lot more easily; like just raising my voice puts them in tears.  My son never did that nore any of my 6 nephews.  I've raised my voice to a couple of nieces who were about to hurt themselves... instant tears.  They love clothes and they want to pick out their own clothes.  The naturally gravitate twoard pinks, light purples, frilly, and dresses.  We have all kinds of clothes for our girls including denum bibs, jeans, sports jersies, and if you ask them... "what do you want to wear?"  They run over and grab something pink and foo-foo.  They like to sing and dance.  Music comes on over the TV and they just start girating their hips.  Boys just typically don't do that.  

I'm not saying there's no cross over either.  I remember when my son, as a toddler, tried to nurse his baby Elmo.  It was so freak'n funny and cute; my wife and I laughed so hard.  I'm just saying that thare are natrual tendancies... and there's nothing wrong with it.  My daugthers will grab toy guns and run around shouting PEW PEW PEW.  It's not all some evil white male empire bull.  Girls and boys are naturally different beyond plumbing.  Get over it.  

On the other hand I really don't see why some parents get all upset when their boys do 'girly' things or their girls do 'tom-boy' things.  Like I've seen my brothers and brothers inlaw get all bent when their toddler sons play with barbies.  Um... their cousines were all playing barbies and they wanted to play too... it's not cuz they are dapper or something.  Or when playing dress-up with other kids they throw on some feminine clothes and act silly.  It's like they think they are gonna turn dapper and it's evil... dude...they are kids screwing around being kids... chill out.  Don't project your stupid, bigoted, missguided, bull-crap on them.
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Re: Lego Friends, err, FIENDS

Postby Insert_blank » Thu Feb 13, 2014 8:40 am

Since this thread first appeared the whole controversy has gone away. A bunch of people who were saying they were boycotting LEGO have started buying them again and people have generally calmed down. It's pretty ridiculous that people get worked up about this stuff because it's on the news or reddit and as soon as it stops trending they go back to thinking what they did before.

I myself have yet to buy a Friends set though. What have you guys bought?
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