Hard Knox University, Kill la Kill inspired RPG

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Hard Knox University, Kill la Kill inspired RPG

Postby Silverdream » Sat Jun 21, 2014 3:52 pm

Okay, so let me know if you guys are interested and what you think of the rules.

The Premise

You are a High School Student with little experience or knowledge in life, now facing your biggest challenge yet at -BLANK- University. With money earned from Scholarships, your parents, working or a combination of the three, you have no choice but to move forward. At -BLANK- University you will compete with other students for prestigious degrees, which can be earned with a lot of effort and allow the owner several different powers. To get these degrees you need to survive weekly off of the meal plans (in which students fight in gladiator cages for food), do your Professor's assignments and fight your academic rivals.

You can also join clubs or fraternities to boost your abilities and make allies. These clubs will ask for your own allegiance though. Fraternities fight amongst each other and against other Universities for resources and convoluted reasons.

The Mechanics, Stats and Fighting

Before joining -BLANK- University, you can choose to come from a High, Middle or Low Class family. High Class families will have more dosh to spend, and will be respected more by some faculty members. However High Class students will have lower Toughness. Middle Class students will be the most balanced in terms of dosh and base stats. Lower Class students will have high Toughness but lower Dosh resources to call on.

Base Stats include:

Toughness A person's combat ability, ability to take hits and deal with being hurt.

Cardio A person's speed and ranged combat ability. Initiative is measured by Cardio.

Intellect A person's ability to take in new skills and assess the situation. Studying is easier with a high intellect, as is socializing and persuading people.

At level one, people will have eight points to distribute among their base stats. Each one has to have at least one.

Bonus Stats include a character's other skills and the Faculty that the student is most interested in. Other skills could be from a former high school club or from a joined University club. High School clubs can be anything within reason (such as debating clubs, science clubs, biking clubs etc.) Each is worth one point and gives the user a skill based on what the club is. For example a Debating Club would give you a bonus die to persuade people. A biking die would give you a bonus to biking, etc.

Dice Rolling is essentially the same as fabletop. You roll the amount of dice per applicable stat points. For example, if I had a character with three points in Toughness and I wanted to punch someone in the face, I'd roll three dice.

The dice's effects are as follows:

-6 Critical Success. If in combat the player does two damage for this die. If outside, the player does the task successfully.
-5 Good Success. If in combat, the player does one damage. If outside, the player accomplishes the task depending on the difficulty.
-4 Good Success. If in combat, the player does one damage. If outside, the player accomplishes the task depending on the difficulty.
-3 Nothing
-2 Nothing
-1 Critical Failure. The player takes damage or fails the task at the GM's mercy.

Dosh is weekly cash afforded to the player. It can be spent on items or other things.

HP or Hitpoints is the player's Toughness times 1.5 and rounded up. After running out of hitpoints, a player will fall unconscious. At -3 hitpoints, a player will die (which is covered by the University's medical plan).
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Re: Hard Knox University, Kill la Kill inspired RPG

Postby Theblackdog » Sat Jun 21, 2014 9:36 pm

There needs to be some kind of Way stat that can be lost and regained.  Also I like KLK's idea of school clubs fighting one another for supremacy better than your "meal plan" idea... sorry.  Other than that though, this is a great ruleset.
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