Chernarussian Star Federation

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Chernarussian Star Federation

Postby Kastrenzo » Tue May 22, 2018 11:44 pm


Chernarussian Star Federation
Tek Level 6
Capital: Khrabrost System
Controls the entirety of known systems in the Zapad Cluster
Language/s: Chernarussian Slavonik *derivative of Mozorovan Slavonik, which is in turn a dialect of Galacian Slavonik*
Sanctioned Religions: Chernarussian Orthodox Creationism
Communist Federation

Wiki Thread (warning, very long) ... Federation


... So I pulled this out of my ass over 24 hours.  
It's not exactly Original... I know,  but literally within an hour of seeing this picture I said to myself "Fuck it, I need to make something like this as an army"

Chernarus is going to be my "next big thing"... I think.
What Zagoria was meant to be,  a true contender to Galacia in my Gold Sector stories and campaigns.

What I've got here right now is about 47 troops,  some officers and leader..  a recolored tank I made a while back.. A good start for less than $100 CAD
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Current Works in Progress (Battles, Soaps, etc)
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Operation Harvest Red, Syndikat Space pirate story, Volhinyan Civil War, Shulga Saga, History of the Gold Sector
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Factions Currentley being focused on
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Peacheneg Armata Coalition, Chernarus, Volhinya
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