Brikpocalypse Project Turn 9

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Brikpocalypse Project Turn 9

Postby Theblackdog » Sat Feb 14, 2009 10:48 am

I formed an alliance with the Nomad Raiders.  Also, some of the terrain elements farther from the current action were removed and modified in preparation for the big battle on Monday.  

Zombies and mutants

The winged peach attacks my hero, but misses.

The rest of the zombies sprint towards the Nomad Raiders, but none are in range.  In any case, they used up their Actions by sprinting.  

Honda-Ziplok Clan

My hero fires at the Winged Peach, killing him.  

He uses a Stupendous Feat to jump on top of the fortress wall, and advances into the fortress.  

Nomad Raiders

The human and his droid companion fire, killing a skeleton.  

The winged peach has come back to life.  Again.  

Overwatch.  Nothing in this picture was altered, except for the broken anti-tank turret which was removed from the top of the fort.  The road baseplate where the Honda-Ziplok clan started has been removed and turned into an armory, and the megabloks lunar baseplate has been stripped of the various terrain features I put on top of it.  

Zombies and Mutants: 0
Honda-Ziplok Clan: 1
Nomad Raiders: 1

Zombies and Mutants: 2
Honda-Ziplok Clan: 0
Nomad Raiders: 0

No vehicle damage points this turn.
Backstab Points
Honda-Ziplok/Nomad Raiders: 4

Awaiting orders for turn 10.
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Postby jifel » Sat Feb 14, 2009 10:53 am

That guy just doesn't want to die, huh?
Orders are in.

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