battle for earth round 2

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battle for earth round 2

Postby dilanski » Tue Mar 10, 2009 1:57 pm

round 2 had a quite bit of vechile destruction happening aswell as the passing of a hero

space commando's


i move my cruiser up into the main battle zone


fire one! fire two! fire three!

i launched three missilesat the tank obliterating it just after a lucky role i know this is possibly the lowest thing to do but live with it alright


and still angry at the edf heavie's we slaughtered there hero

total cp-5



the trol'sadvance slowed by gate debriy they were outma.....i mean out outmatc.......i mean dea....doh put it this way they could't shoot at anyone(no they were dead sitting duck's)

total cp-0

edf a


enraged by there tank loss they mounted a assault on the cruiser it failed

total cp-1

edf h


the remaining rpg troop decided the troll car was good target practice obliterating it and the driver and gunner they then moved forward towards gate

total cp-10
(yes they now have enough for a wmd!)

the field so far

round 3 order's ready tobe received
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