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Postby Fulizer » Sun Aug 16, 2009 2:03 am

here are the rules I used for this thread

ignore them at will

[/u]1. the rules of tiles[/u]
because a random map woudn't work without them.
start of with a drawn grid (any size, I used 7X7) you start in the middle of one of the sides of that,

every time you move onto a tile roll a d6 and this is what is there.
1- dead end
2- corner
3- staright line
4-5- 3 way junction
6- 4 way junction

obviousley ignore them if they make obvious errors in maps.

2. not quite seeable
your team is trapped in the dark and cannot see far

you can see where you have been IF you have line of sight to it.

thats the general rules for you, now, what about the enemy?

how to make a good enemy unit
1. they must be cheap
2. they must be fast
3. they must be easy to kill

for my game I used Visorak, because they were the only minifig I have more than 10 of... they also felt quite fitting actually, anyway, I decided to double the speed (to 10") and half their armour (to 2)

every turn roll a scatter dice (assuming you have one, if not use a d6 and look at where the 1 points)

D6 enemies come each turn from the direction the scatter dice/D6 is pointing, if there is a hit (or a 1 or 6) then enemies will come from every direction (still 1D6 of them come in total, not 1d6 from each tunnel)
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Postby birdman » Sun Aug 16, 2009 6:42 am

I don't think the random generation table for the map is quite accurate. I'd reccomend a d100 table with 01-50 being a 1d6+1x1d6+1 room with 1d3 doors in it, 51-75 being a 1d6 square long straight corridor, and 76-00 being a curved corridor to the left or right.
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