Pirate rules

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Pirate rules

Postby nightcrafter27 » Fri Dec 11, 2009 7:50 pm

Here's my stab at it;

     A small sail counts as one, a large one counts as two. The total "Sail Count"  is multiplied by 1d6, but critical failures/successes do not count. 
     For every inch of width (at the ship's widest), subtract 1" from movement. Same rules, but with length, apply to turning.
     To hit specific "systems", you multiply every 3" by a 1-5 smallness rating, with 5 being tiny. Then you should roll the apropriate amount of d6's. Otherwise, do 1d6 damage to the hull of the ship.
     Since cannons take awhile to load, place a pip somewhere to indicate that the cannon has fired. This could easily be smoke comming out of the barrel. That cannons next action is to remove the pip.
     You can raid an enemy ship if
 A: it's masts are destroyed 
 B: 2/3 of it's crew has been killed
 C: 3/4 cannons have been destroyed.
   If you see the ship as fit, and you have a large crew, then you can capture the ship.
   Also, the ship sinks if both combatants agree that all the crap that ship has has been beaten out of it.
    Forts and ports are not opperated untill a ship is engaged with them. This is to keep gameplay running smoothly.
    If a player is attacking an enemy fort, the player who "owns" the fort attacks back. If there is no owner, an enemy player will attack with the fort.
    Ports are places to spend your treasure on fancy things, repairs, and new weapons.
    On any players turn, they may use thier action to cast a storm roll. Two die will be rolled: one for radius and one for intensity. The first roll will be 1d6x3. Then a brick will be tossed onto the battlefield to determine where the center of the storm will be. The second, 1d6, will determine how much to subtract from all of the stats, as well as how many turns the storm lasts.

There it is.
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Postby Strana » Sat Dec 12, 2009 1:52 am

you should always able to board another vessel, one its fun two its historicly accurate, unles it was a grand naval battle (think 10+ ships of the line) then the main goal of a crew was to capture an enemy ship
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Postby nightcrafter27 » Mon Dec 14, 2009 5:09 pm

Thanks for that catch. Guess I got distracted, fixed it to be within 2". Also added micro scale conversions. Will post v2 soon.
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