introducing The adamas rangers, and my campaign scenario.

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introducing The adamas rangers, and my campaign scenario.

Postby Ranger S2H » Thu Dec 17, 2009 11:43 am

The story of the Adamas Rangers:

The adamas system lies to the galactic southwest, neighboring the Assyrian star empire, or more precisely: the renegade Czech worlds. The system used to be cut off from the rest of the galaxy by an ion storm which finally subsided around GR 2009. This left the Adamas Ranger Corps at a technological disadvantage, missing many technological advancements  including the OTC. but this is mostly balanced with the courage and skill of the rangers which is a byproduct of decennia of warfare without nifty techno gadgets. Ranger command knows darn well that in the end courage and skill won’t help much against an enemy with a bigger stick, and therefore they have turned to the Assyrian empire to ask for tips on stick production. The Assyrian leadership agreed, recognizing the rangers as great warriors who could take on the Czechs, and the new Western militant groups joining them, from the rear and wreak havoc without making the Assyrians look involved. In turn, the rangers were rewarded with technology and the know-how to create the weapon of weapons:

And now a bit more specific story about a campaign Im am going to play:

Sergeant Michael Mcneil is a member of the famous Delta Ranger corps, the greatest of all ranger corpses commanded by supreme captain West himself. Mcneil’s regiment is currently guarding the world of orex IV After a long campaign against the wazarii, an eastern half-dimmy militant group who has sided with the Czechs.

Unknown to the Czechs and their allies, the world of orex IV is Vital to the Rangers, as the Orex worlds are also inhabited by several Powmin digging groups. The Powmin union, which is allied to the Adamas rangers, consists of several digging groups which roam across worlds searching for ore and precious metals. most groups can mostly be found underground, only returning to the surface to trade their findings for supplies. The Group on Orex IV has been supplied with Assyrian technology needed for the mining and refining of transparent Leg-Ores into the OTBS needed for orange transparent weapons.

Sergeant Mcneil’s unit is tasked with the protection of the convoys that transport the ores bought from the Powmin Group, but on one of the journeys, when his convoy arrived at the secret meeting point, there were no Powmin traders to be found. Mcneil ordered part of his unit to guard the vehicles and the entrance to the mine, and took a few men with him to explore the caves and search for the powmin. Instead, they found two Assyrians: an engineer carrying a wounded veteran trooper. They were part of an Assyrian platoon that was supposed to both protect the Powmins against Raiders and monsters, but they were ambushed by Czechs and militia. The Assyrian Platoon was slaughtered after putting up an heroic stand, and now the Powmin are being kept hostage and the surviving engineers are being questioned about the technology needed for OTC’s. Sergeant Mcneil now stands for the challenge of rescuing the survivors while outnumbered and outgunned, and extracting the powmin and their Leg-ore to the Ranger convoy.
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