A.D.D and Troll Tank

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A.D.D and Troll Tank

Postby Tarren » Tue Mar 25, 2008 12:55 am

A.D.D=Anti Dimmy Device. A term dubbed by my freind Jeremy, second in command of my brikwars forces, and A.D.D is any device that hinders dimmies, and as he says, "If you think it meant Attention deficit disorder you probably have it moron!"
My example of an A.D.D is the all powerful A.D.D mine. two yellow D2 heads stuck together like a ball. Usually launched from the yellow Aguaraiders sub (there first usage) in a game against Jeremys brother's army of dimmies. For every Dimmy that comes within three inches of it, roll a d6. On a 1, nothing happens. On a 2-5, that dimmy spontaniously combusts. onm a 6, that dimmy, and any dimmes within two inches of it, also, spontaniously combust. Sadly, this happened to his brother wjen he loaded half of his dimmies onto that dinky little rebel airboat thingy. sucks to be him .

As well, what do you guys think of the new set in Castle, with the huge two wheeled troll tank . I just bought it today, and can brainstorm a ton of rules for it
Really Fricken big wheels: If any poor soul comes within an inch of the big fricken wheels, it needs to get an 8 on a d6 (thankfully ACUTALLY possible).
Orcish Power: If two or more orcs are on the vehicle at a time, the big fricken wheels abilities needs to get a minus two to live (aka need a 10), due to the orcs probably sitting in that little spot threatining them with spears while they run, therefore able to sideswipe them into the INSIDE of the big fricken wheel resulting in a probable snapped neck.
"run you orc-hamsters run!": If both spots to the side of the control both are occupied by orcs, the big fricken wheels get an plus 1 to rolls Big Frickin wheel rolls, and gets a plus 5 to movement.

Cost: 25 points

Big Frickin Wheels:0 points, explained above!
sharp frickin spikes: 5 points, the big frickin wheels get a +1 to rolls.
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Postby IVhorseman » Tue Mar 25, 2008 9:29 pm

not too bad, but it needs some adjustment. 15" movement is intense, as well as having to roll an eight to evade the negative effects of the wheel (which you failed to mention).

also, there's a thread detailing this type of thing already.
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