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Team Fortress Classic

Postby birdman » Tue Feb 02, 2010 5:25 pm

Been wondering where I've been for the past few days?
I've been putting the finishing touches on a ruleset that lets you play Team Fortress Classic (not that faggoty-ass remake TF2) in Brikwars.

These rules aren't completely foolproof, I did have to make some adjustments here and there, and there are no CP costs. I didn't want to put together CP costs because there should be nine guys to a team, one of each class, making teams equal. The actual ruleset is below this line.
Basic Rules Changes:
All minifigs have 2 actions which may be used for either moving or shooting. They can attack twice without moving or move twice without attacking.

The turn runs on a I-go-You-go principle, with a roll for initiative at the start of each round. The person who rolls higher goes second. Then players take turns selecting one unit under their control and performing all actions with it before the turn switches to the other player. Once a unit has been moved, it cannot be activated again until the next round. All a unit's used actions are replenished at the beginning of its turn, the exception being sentry guns, which are explained later.

All damage, knockback, and skill damage are tallied and applied at the end of the round. All damage is added together and treated as cumulative damage to the target, the same with knockback and skill damage.

Switching between weapons without actually firing them is a free action and may be done as many times as desired.

The Classes:
The Scout
Movement: 8"
AV: 1d6
Skill: 1d6
The scout is the fastest class, but also the weakest. It serves as a quick harrier of enemy forces and the primary flag-grabber for the team.

Scouts carry a shotgun, a crowbar, and a nailgun, along with two concussion grenades and a deployable man-cannon.

Scouts are able to defuse any detpacks they are touching by spending an action while touching the detpack. This removes the detpack from play.

Scouts, because of their extreme speed, have three actions per turn instead of just two.

However, if a scout only uses 2 actions in its turn, it gains a 5+ dodge save (working like an armor save in wh40k) against any attacks that come its way. If calculating missedby for rockets or grenades that miss a scout because of dodge, the missedbynumber is three.

A scout may spend one action to deploy a man-cannon in front of itself during its turn.

A man-cannon is an indestructable linear accellerator usable by either team, regardless of the allegiance of the scout who placed it. When a man-cannon is moved over, it accelerates the user by 8d6" in a straight line, who either lands peacefully or smacks into a wall for full collision damage. Due to a quirk of the man-cannon's construction, it explodes as a rocket from a rocket launcher once its limited lifespan has run out. At the end of each round, roll a d6 for each man-cannon. On a 6, the man-cannon explodes as a rocket launcher round and is removed. A scout cannot place another mancannon until he has died and respawned.

The Soldier
Movement: 5"
AV: 1d6+2
Skill: 1d6
The soldier is the basic assault class of the game, with a powerful rocket launcher and shotguns at his disposal.

Soldiers possess a crowbar, shotgun, super shotgun, and a rocket launcher, along with 2 frag grenades and 1 nail grenade.

The Pyro
Movement: 6"
AV: 1d6+1
Skill: 1d6
The pyro is a special spy-checker and assault class. With a special place either defending a base or attacking the enemy, its only major flaw is the range of most of its weapons.

Pyros possess a crowbar, shotgun, flamethrower, and an incendiary cannon, along with 2 frag grenades and 2 napalm grenades.

Pyros are completely immune to the sticky effects of other pyros' weapons. They are not immune to the damage done by being struck by those weapons the first time, however.

The Demoman
Movement: 6"
AV: 1d6+2
Skill: 1d6
The demoman is the explosives expert of the team, even more so than the soldier. Setting pipebomb traps and laying detpacks in unexpected places, the demoman is a formidable opponent.

Demomen possess a crowbar, shotgun, grenade launcher, and deployable detpack, along with 4 frag grenades and 2 MIRV grenades.

By spending an action, a demoman may place a detpack anywhere within 1" of him. This detpack is a volatile hyperexplosive device that very few classes can survive the detonation of.

When a detpack explodes, it deals 6d10+3d6 explosion damage to everything within its very sizable radius.

To determine when a detpack explodes, roll 1d6 at the end of each round. On a 6, the detpack will explode on the end of the next turn of the demoman who placed it.

If an EMP grenade catches a detpack within its blast, the detpack explodes immediately, at the end of the turn of the engineer who threw the EMP.

A demoman, having placed a detpack, cannot place another until he dies and respawns.

The Medic
Movement: 7"
AV: 1d6+1
Skill: 1d6
The medic is the most important member of the team, spreading lethal infections to enemies and healing the wounded and sick of the allies.

Medics possess a medpack, shotgun, super shotgun, and super nailgun, along with 2 frag grenades and 2 concussion grenades.

As a free action, medics constantly heal and maintain their colleagues within a 3" radius, granting a +1 bonus to the AV of any allies in that radius. This bonus is cumulative.

By attacking an ally with their medpack, medics can heal any infection the ally may have contracted from an enemy medic. Medics themselves are immune from infection.

If a medic attacks a disguised spy with his medpack in an attempt to cure an infection, the enemy player is obligated to inform the player of the medic that he has discovered a spy and deal the medpack's normal damage to the spy.

The HWGuy
Movement: 4"
AV: 2d6
Skill: 1d6
HWGuys are the guards of the team, staying behind in secure locations to mow down intruders. These mountains of man-muscle are serious opponents.

HWGuys possess a crowbar, shotgun, super shotgun, and assault cannon, in addition to 2 frag grenades and a MIRV grenade.

HWGuys are so dense and heavy that they are immune to all knockback.

The Engineer
Movement: 6"
AV: 1d6+1
Skill: 1d6
Engineers are a base's last line of defense, erecting sentries to ward off incoming enemies and dispensers to provide aid to injured allies.

Engineers possess a wrench (in essense a crowbar), a railgun, and a super shotgun, along with 2 frag grenades and an EMP grenade.

Engineers act as medics to buildings, giving each building within 3" of the engineer a cumulative +2 bonus to AV.

Engineers can spend one action to build a sentry gun or dispenser, or upgrade a sentry gun by a level. An engineer can only have one sentry gun and one dispenser. After upgrading a sentry gun, an engineer must go a whole round before upgrading the same gun again.

A sentry gun (MVT 0" AV 1d6+2 Skill 1d6) is an autonomous turret that tracks and targets enemies independently and is considered to always be prepared for opportunity fire.

A sentry gun fires its full arsenal in one shot, so a level three sentry gun will fire two assault cannons and a rocket launcher with one action. Sentry guns also cannot refrain from firing their full arsenal in one shot, so they cannot refuse to fire their rocket launchers at enemies that are right on top of them, even if they would be destroyed by the blast.

Sentry guns explode with a damage equal to their AV when destroyed.

A sentry gun's actions replenish at the end of the round after they were spent. Until then, its remaining actions must make do for it until its actions are used. Sentry guns (no matter what the level) have 4 actions per round.

Sentry guns must fire at the nearest target, utilizing opportunity fire (if able) in order to fire at its target at the closest opportunity, and must keep firing at it until a nearer target presents itself or the target dies or retreats out of range or behind cover. If there is a tie between two or more nearest targets, the controller of the sentry gun may choose which one is targeted.

When a sentry gun is upgraded, it gains new weapons and better armor. At level 2, a sentry gun gains 1 addition point of AV, bringing it to 1d6+3, along with a replacement of its autogun with a single assault cannon. At level three, the gun's AV is upgraded to 2d6, and it gains another assault cannon and a rocket launcher.

Due to sentry guns' advanced detection systems, spies cannot cloak within the sight of a sentry gun.

Dispensers (AV 1d6) provide healing to all allies within 3" of the dispenser, and also repair damaged buildings of allies that are built within 3" of the dispenser. Dispensers cannot repair themselves. When destroyed, a dispenser deals explosion damage equal to its AV.

Movement: 6"
AV: 1d6+1
Skill: 1d6
Snipers are the long-range specialists of the team. Using their longarm sniper rifle, snipers can score critical headshots on enemies and leave radio tags on spies they do not kill.

Snipers possess a crowbar, sniper rifle, autogun, and nailgun, in addition to 2 frag grenades.

Snipers are considered to always be prepared for opportunity fire.

The Spy
Movement: 6"
AV: 1d6+1
Skill: 1d6
Spies are the ultimate masters of infiltration, capable of waltzing right in to an enemy base while disguised and causing havoc without anyone knowing better.

Spies possess a knife, tranquilizer pistol, super shotgun, and nailgun, in addition to 2 frag grenades and 2 gas grenades.

Spies begin play disguised as an enemy. When ready to use a spy, select an enemy and say that he was a spy all along, and replace the enemy with the spy. The selected enemy moves back to the respawn and may act again this round.

Spies can also cloak, disappearing from sight when not in direct view of any enemies. A spy must cloak after being used in the manner above before it can be used again.

Once a spy cloaks, roll a d6 for it on its turn each round. On a 6, the spy is ready to be used again.

Spies can sabotage a sentry gun or dispenser by spending an action while touching the gun or dispenser. Both you and the enemy player roll a d6. If you roll higher, the sentry gun or dispenser is now damaged and cannot be detonated by the engineer, and will not target the sabotaging spy. It will, however, still target the spy's allies untill the sabotage is activated.

A spy can spend an action (even while cloaked) to activate the sabotage of a sentry gun or dispenser. Sabotaged sentry guns begin targeting members of the enemy team, or enemy buildings, and explode after 1 round unless destroyed. Sabotaged dispensers immediately explode.

All weapons have a UR of 3.
Shotgun - Range 8" Damage 1d6+2
Super Shotgun - Range 6" Damage 2d6
Nailgun - Range 10" Damage 1d6
Capable of automatic fire.
Super Nailgun - Range 12" Damage 1d6+1
Capable of automatic fire.
Rocket Launcher - Range 16" Damage 1d10+1
Causes knockback.
Flamethrower - Range 4" Damage 1d6+2
Targets hit but not killed by a flamethrower are set alight. Targets that are on fire can still act normally, but at the end of their turn, add the flamethrower's damage to the stack they take at the end of the round. At the end of a round, roll 1d6 for each surviving fire victim. On a 6, they are no longer on fire.
The flamethrower fires in a 45 degree cone out to 4".
Incendiary Cannon - Range 12" Damage 1d6
Sets people on fire.
Causes blast damage even though it's a d6.
Causes knockback.
Grenade Launcher - Range 8" Damage 1d6+2
Causes blast damage.
Causes knockback.
Can be fired as a pipebomb launcher. If so, shots from the weapon do not detonate immediately upon firing, but instead remain until the demoman uses an action to detonate them. A demoman can only have up to 8 pipebombs at a single time.
Assault Cannon - Range 10" Damage 1d6
Capable of automatic fire.
On the HWGuy's first move action after using this weapon, his movement is reduced to 1". It's back up to 4" after the first move action.
Railgun - Range 12" Damage 1d6
The railgun grows more powerful for each action the firing engineer puts into the one firing action. For each action beyond the first spent firing a railgun, the damage of the shot gains in power by an additional 1d6 each time.
Sniper Rifle - Range 20" Damage 1d6+1
The sniper rifle operates on the same principle as the railgun, adding 1d6+1 damage for each action beyond the first.
Autogun - Range 10" Damage 1d6+2
Capable of automatic fire.
Tranquilizer pistol - Range 14" Damage 1d6-2
Causes -2 skill damage on each successful hit. This skill damage lasts until the end of the victim's turn.
Crowbar - Range CC Damage 1d6
The medkit is a crowbar that deals sticky damage in the same manner as a flamethrower, except its damage does not wear off until death or healing by a medic.
The spy knife is a crowbar that instantly kills any minifig target hit from behind.
All grenades have a 2" blast radius.
Conc grenade - Range 2d6 Damage (4d6)
Concs deal damage only in knockback damage. Any minifig struck by a conc also takes -1 skill damage until the end of their next turn.
Frag grenade - Range 2d6 Damage 2d6
Deals knockback.
Napalm grenade - Range 2d6 Damage 2d6
The napalm grenade has a radius of 5" and stays in play until a 6 is rolled at the end of the round by any player for any reason. It deals sticky damage just like a flamethrower or I-Cannon.
MIRV grenade - Range 1d6 Damage 4d6
The MIRV grenade has a radius of 4" and deals knockback damage.
Gas grenade - Range 2d6 Damage 1d6
Deals -4 skill damage which dissipates at the end of the victim's next turn. Stays in play in the same manner as the napalm grenade. Has a blast radius of 5".
EMP grenade - Range 2d6 Damage Xd6
Deals an amount of damage equal to the damage 1 shot from each of the target's weapons would deal. If there is more than one target in the blast radius, the amount of damage from all targets is totaled and applied to all targets.
Nail grenade - Range 2d6 Damage 1d6
Deals 1d6 damage to every visible target within 10" of the detonation point upon detonation.
And that's it. I know, huge fucking wall of text.
Questions and comments welcome.
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Re: Team Fortress Classic

Postby 501stCadians » Tue Feb 02, 2010 7:53 pm

birdman wrote:(not that faggoty-ass remake TF2


IVhorseman wrote:I'm the Several Hundred Dollar Man!

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Postby Apollyon » Wed Feb 03, 2010 8:52 am

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Postby Warhead » Wed Feb 03, 2010 1:29 pm

Maybe, but you got to appreciate the amount of work involved here. If you really want to impress us Birdman why not use these rules and run a forum battle we can all take part in. We can each choose a character and kill the shit out each other or whatever.  :twisted:
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Re: Team Fortress Classic

Postby Bennanteno » Sat Feb 06, 2010 8:35 pm

birdman wrote:(not that faggoty-ass remake TF2)

Yeah, TFC is so much better.
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