THE MANLY MEN STATS (As Featured in Zombie (Zulu) Dawn)

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Postby Bragallot » Sat Mar 13, 2010 5:30 am

Ogel96 wrote:the FBI loves that show. (keeping up appearances)
it's about an english lady who feels that she has to be at the highest class level even though nobody around her cares (she lives in like a suburb), and so pretty much everyone is afraid of her. onslow's her cousins husband, I think?

I thought Daisy was her sister which would make Onslow her brother in law? Long time I watched, in Belgium all good shows air way too late.
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lawmaster wrote:
Bragallot wrote:
lawmaster wrote:Kill the guy I'm in cc with.
He's already dead.
Kill him again.
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Postby Warhead » Sat Mar 13, 2010 5:44 am

I am blackballing the Hyacinth Bucket suggestion. Not Manly. Onslow or not.  :lol:

Iron Beard is a bit Dwarf like...  :!:  ...who always act like tough little nazis? Short men! That's IT!!! I can stick in a shortarse with a beard and we have a new Manly Man character. Vicious Little Shite special rule. It's perfect. Thanks Tuefish!  :D
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Postby Theblackdog » Sun Mar 14, 2010 8:08 am

Some more thoughts I had last night:

Beer-powered flamethrower
use range damage notes
4      8"       3D6    uses whatever spread pattern and fire rules the player has.
If the Manly Man carrying this weapon rolls a 2 or lower for Skill, he succumbs to temptation and drinks the beer.  Until you find some new beer to power it, the flamethrower is useless.

Once per game, the Manly Men may drink all their beer at once, gaining a second action and +1 to all damage rolls.  However, they get -1 to skill and damage for all parries and counterattacks, and at the end of each turn they stumble 1D6 inches in a random direction (or, for extra fun, a direction chosen by their opponent).  The effect lasts for 1D6 turns, and then all of the Manly Men take 1D6+1 hangover damage.  Meant to be the Manly Men equivalent of the Britannian "for queen and country" ability.
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Postby Warhead » Sun Mar 14, 2010 8:35 am

Nice but I think when you mix men and flames you're really talking about...

The Madras Curry Sauce Powered Flamethrower. You can connect a hose to the back of the legs near the posterior via those bracket joints that go normally over the neck.

I like the rules for Chug Chug Chug but maybe add must immediately seek out Kebab or spicy food takeaway.
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