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Re: Newbish n00b questions, MkII

Post by stubby » Thu Aug 30, 2018 8:27 pm

Maraxous wrote:Kind of a dumb question, but . . . If I fire into a Phalanx Shield wall with an explosive they don't automatically parry that do they? :mystery: I ruled that they don't, but the boys think the should be able to tank it out.
They automatically Parry one die of damage, but not the Knockback. If it's a 1d10 explosion, they'll take no damage but everyone in the blast radius will be knocked over.
Natalya wrote:Wtf is going on in this thread?

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Re: Newbish n00b questions, MkII

Post by Craigallot » Fri Sep 14, 2018 3:22 am

You could try to lob the explosive over their shields, I suppose.

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Re: Newbish n00b questions, MkII

Post by domminniti » Wed Dec 19, 2018 9:07 am


I've been playing around with the rules for a while now but I'd like clarification on a few things. I know, I know, I should just fudge it, and I apologise for being anoraky, but I like to know the rules fully so I can decide when and where to fudge it depending on my mood and the number of units left.

1) if a rider is hit by a heavy weapon, are they knocked off a mount and distupted? what about a 2h weapon
2) do 2h or heavy weapons deal 1" knockback as usual when doing charge attacks - is this added to the knockback in the knockback phase or does it happen automatically before or after this phase?
3) Does the rider gain any momentum when riding a horse? In the examples it seems the horse/rider combo only ever has 2 mom to spend, despite having a combined size of 3. What about if the horse is killed, or they are seperated somehow = eg the horse has 2 mom but is killed by a pike before the rider can joust, does the rider inherit any mom from the mount when he flies forward

4) just checking I've got the order right for a horseman jousting a spearman with action ready, where the spearman's spear is 1" shorter so goes second, and the horseman has extra inches of move left leading to a collision
horseman rolls for lance
if hits, deals 2 skill damage ( - any parry or deflection) + up to 2d6 mom damage
if spearman alive any remaining mom not spent on damage can (or must?) be spent on d6 knockback

if spearman still alive (and undisrupted?) he attacks as he has an action
spearman rolls to hit
if hits
spearman deals d skill +2 ( - any parry or deflection) + up to 1d6 mom damage if spearman was also charging with mom
if horse/rider alive - deliver any knockback as above
if all alive, and horse/rider undisrupted
horse rolls for kick
if hits
horse deals d skill ( - any parry or deflection) + up to 2d6 mom damage if any remains

if all alive and undisrputed , collision occurs
if either unit has weight class > 1, deal weight x d6 of crash damage , limited by all total remaining moms to the other unit. mom not spent
if both alive and undisrputed
roll each units remaining mom against pop and calculate knockback inches and deliver knockback

if spearman disrupted and in line of charge, and horse has effective weight>2
spearman takes 1 trample damage

Or would you suggest fudging it and combining the horse and rider attacks into one phase? Likewise should the lance/spear hits and the crash hits be combined into one phase of knockback?

5) disruption/ angry inch -
2010 rules
if a unit is disrupted, can he deliver any counterattacks? Eg Albert (2h) hits bob (heavy spear and shield ), Albert hits, bob parries. bob is disrupted and knocked back. albert has 1d6 damage but rolls 2. Can Bob use his angry inch to get up and get in range to use his heavy spear to counterattack with no penalty?
if Alan (spear and shield ) attempts a push on Barry (2 short weapons) with his shield, Barry elects not to counter and Alan rolls 3 so the push works. Can Barry then use his angry inch back up to deliver a 1h strike? If Alan then attacks with spear and misses, and Barry doesn't counter, can Barry then counterattack with his remaining hand?
2018 rules
Similar to above, but at least is more useful as if the disrupting attack fails, the disrupted unit stays disrupted so another minfig and use their moves and angry inches to land automatic hits against the disrupted unit for the remainder or the turn.

6) Burst Fire
Can someone give me a scenario where a burst or 3 or more is actually advantageous? Even when rolling d8's and with a 1" gun, the extra inaccuracy and the extreme chance or a reload next turn make it worse than a single shot, a arc or a 2 round burst. I've run some calculations using expectation values, and it seems like you get fewer hits as the burst increases (it was a very complicated calculation due to overskill and criticals, so I'm possibly wrong). Would a rule that said if the roll was less than the current shot number (as opposed to the burst penalty) then the gun stops firing and requires a reload. This makes sense flavour wise, as each shot has an increased chance of not having ammo left as you fire longer burst. The current rules as I understand them mean that if I was to attempt a 5 shot burst, the first shot is very likely to be out of ammo and stop there.

7) Arc fire range
Do targets in the arc but out of range get a chance to be hit, with the usual damage and aim penalties? I assumed not, but I coudn't find it in the rules

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Re: Newbish n00b questions, MkII

Post by Rev. Sylvanus » Sat Dec 22, 2018 2:30 pm

Trying to catch myself up on 2010 rule stuff.

6) How does weapon modding work on Bastard size mini fig weapons? Say I’m modding a regular long range rifle. If I take the high powered mod is damage now 2d6 or 2d6+1? If I pair that with the close quarter mod, is range now 6” or 5”?
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