Chronicles of Doom

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Chronicles of Doom

Postby Quantumsurfer » Sat Oct 25, 2014 3:20 am

Chronicles of Doom
Being the setting and stories of the region of space around the Doom Moon of Dis, an entertainment, industrial, and penal hub in the centrally BrikVersian Nehellenium Galaxy.

For Great Justice, Part I: Tower of Justice
Forum Battle, February 2014-October 2014.
The first story arc introduces several prominent prison gang leaders struggling for survival and freedom through the popular game show entitled Tower of Justice, broadcast from the Doom Moon of Dis.

For Great Justice, Part 2: Justice Under Siege
Forum Battle, November 2014-.
The second story arc follows our intrepid Tower of Justice winner as he makes his bid for freedom.

For Great Justice, Part 3: Cry Thunder
Forum Battle, TBA
To Be Announced.

Escape from Prison System Eight
StoryBrikWaRPG, October 2014/TBA
A branching narrative that follows the losing players from 'For Great Justice, Part One' as they struggle against a great injustice and a dastardly plot.

D.I.E. Storm Racer
Setting Device, February 2014.
Insights into the Dissonance Industries and Entertainment company through the lens of their Storm Racer vehicle product.
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