TBD Project Turn 7

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TBD Project Turn 7

Postby Theblackdog » Wed Dec 24, 2008 11:46 am

Another team bites the dust.


The Minifig Liberation Army flyer lines up its gun on the UCD Hero.


And kills him with a close damage roll.


The three remaining troops open fire on the UCD troopers on top of the building.


One is killed by rifle fire...


... and two more are roasted when the flamethrower opens up.


My plane comes in to finish the UCD off.


Its MKII guns take down the sole remaining trooper. The UCD is removed from the battlefield.

Minifig Liberation Army: 4
Santa's Little Helpers: 1
Urban Combat Division: 0

Minifig Liberation Army: 0
Santa's Little Helpers: 0
Urban Combat Division: 5

No vehicle damage points given this turn.

Backstab points:
Minifig Liberation Army/Santa's Little Helpers: 8

Obviously it would be unfair to determine who gets these points based on who gives orders first. So I'm splitting them, 4-4.

Awaiting orders for next turn, Jifel.
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Postby jifel » Wed Dec 24, 2008 11:56 am

well,well,well. Just me and you. My orders are in.
good luck, but not to much good luck.

*bows head and prays to dice gods

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