Brikwars Scenario

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Brikwars Scenario

Post by Megablokwars » Tue Jan 10, 2017 6:17 pm

The scenario is called Blokbot Factory (Farm, Construction Site, whatever you want to call it)

The objective of the game is to: destroy the enemy hero or minifigs or blokbots or just everything. You decide.

The map looks like two bases on opposite ends (they can be anything you want) with a large pile of blocks (preferably the blocky ones, not the flat pieces) in the center.
Feel free to add trees and things.

Each player starts off with two miner (not minor) looking minifigs (pickaxe, jeans, steve head), a hero, and two battle armed minifigs.

The pile of bloks in the center is made to be destroyed and reconstructed into Blokbots. Blokbots are only active if they are built right.
You all know what a Blokbot looks like, so no need to ask what it is.
There are 3 types of Blokbot, they each have MOVE 5" and they die whenever they lose a "limb" or "head". Their defense factor works like constructions.

Regular Blokbot: A regular blokbot with 1d6 DAMAGE (or whatever it's called)

Worker Blokbot: A blokbot that is the same size but looks slightly different (you build it your own way). The Worker Blokbot cannot attack but is able to pick up and build with briks the same way a minifig can (the other bots cannot)

Big Blokbot: The big blokbot needs to be at least twice a normal blokbot's size and deals 2d6 damage instead of 1.

With those rules, the players then kill eachother (blood and :studgod: are REQUIRED)

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Re: Brikwars Scenario

Post by dilanski » Tue Jan 10, 2017 10:06 pm

Played something similar a while back to test the 'new' building rules (Album Here), minus the blockbot element, and with four players. The idea of being able to build worker blokbots is interesting, and will likely lead to swarms of blockbots exponentially taking to the field. Assuming you are following the building guidelines


Things I found in my building focused game was that even though you do want to fill the field with bricks, bases should still be kept close. Experience with other battles tells me that 32 studs distance between the front of either sides deployment zone is pretty much perfect for minifig focused battles. Obviously you want to fill the field with as many bricks as possible. Also I'd place a ban on building on top the existing base, as in that battle Nathan made his base pretty much immune to any attack we could mount.

As for victory conditions, I'd place some target in each players base, and fight over that until the battle makes it clear what objective is really worth fighting over. But other than that, you are pretty much sorted to go and play this.
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