The Outer Haven Incident - An unexpected return

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The Outer Haven Incident - An unexpected return

Postby Kastrenzo » Fri Mar 30, 2018 6:39 pm

R.2017 Q4, 10th day of the Arhus Crisis

Antares City, Elkoss, Galacian Imperiya

Image20180330_163929 by Dic Jacobus, on Flickr
*Randy Lahey, second child of the late President Jim Lahey, is walking into his personal office*
ANN News over PAs: ...With the armed conflict in the Winston System escalating by the day, and neither side backing down.. the AN and pacifists alike fear this will lead to a major interstellar war between the Tharcan and Nehellenium galaxies...

Image20180330_163958 by Dic Jacobus, on Flickr
*He opens the door and a dog jumps out, barking and biting at his ankles*
Randy: Ah shit! little bastard! what the hell are you doing in here?!... Wait, Sarah?  what are you doing in here?!

Image20180330_164053 by Dic Jacobus, on Flickr
Randy: Why weren't you at father's funeral?
Sarah: I was preoccupied..
Randy: With what?
Sarah: I was arrested.. and while I had a lot of time to myself.. and I started thinking..
Randy: Thinking about what?

Image20180330_164130 by Dic Jacobus, on Flickr
Sarah: Come here. look at this

Randy: Sarah you can't be on my computer.  It's classified military information even if it wasn't for Shulga you'd be shot and me too for letting you in here..

Sarah: Just stop for a second... and let me explain..

Sarah: Shulga took over, because Dad was a drunk, and a war with the Magikstrate was now inevitable after what happened on Outer Haven right?.  except No one from our side bothered to ask why the IM was there in the first place!. Shulga's fucking Bogatyr Thugs captured everyone involved who survived.   It seemed like only yesterday we were friends with the Magikstrate, so why would they be sneaking people onto one of our worlds? Did you even know who they captured?  Look, his name was Declan Remus, I did some digging and found out this guy is an investigator in the Magikstrate's Paranormal studies division.. and they specialize in removing dangerous anomalies and artifacts that are a danger to minifig life.
Randy: Outer Haven was a goddamn warzone. and we had nothing of  value there.. what the hell were they looking for then?

Image20180330_164230 by Dic Jacobus, on Flickr
*She pulls out an old map*
Sarah: You're right. Officially there was nothing there.  Except this.

Randy: What is it..

Sarah: A map taken from the interrigation of some Volhinyan troops who were captured a few years ago during one of the skirmishes in the same area as the Sundown base, the guy they questioned was manic, terrified, he said he wasn't a spiritual fig but he swore there was demons all around them.  objects floating, screaming and howling coming down from the mountains,  and they said they even shot one of their own guys when he became "possessed" and started speaking in tongues and attacked them.

Randy: Seriously?

Sarah: It gets better...  The navy surveyed the area, and Identified a spot in the desert that had a massive underground complex that's never been apart of the Galacian records. Even Shulga didn't know about it, he was on the ship that found it! But they didn't investigate, because their ship got rerouted to go deal with something else.  And he later published a memo about Old Elkossian Blacksites,  and suspected there might be one on Outer Haven, but it was too dangerous to bother flushing out seeing as there was the cultist threat... Randy, we need to go there.  I'm willing to bet there's something there that attracted the IM, we stop this war before it kills everyone!

Image20180330_164432 by Dic Jacobus, on Flickr

Randy: Sarah it doesn't matter.. The IM attacked us,  dad died,  we attacked them,  the Tharcans attacked us.. the ship has sailed. it's too late

Sarah: That's bullshit and you know it! You know they'll listen to reason, they're rational people! Shulga is not!

Randy: Even if we convince them it was all just a misunderstanding with neither side to blame.. Shulga still won! What's left of the good people either fled into Zagoria, or is dead.

Sarah: Someday we will make Shulga and his Imperiya pay for what they did, but for today, we have to think about the welfare of all our people, regardless if they're Imperiya, or Loyalist. they're still our people. And if we don't stop this war now, it will destroy half the galaxy!

Image20180330_164453 by Dic Jacobus, on Flickr

Randy: Fine, I'll do it. I'll go to Outer Haven and check out this doomsday bunker.

Sarah: I'm coming too

Randy: No, you're going to go home and keep up appearances.  As far as everyone is concerned I'm a loyal Military commander who just happens to be the son of the deposed president,  but if we're seen going off the grid together, they'll get suspicious.

Sarah: But you can't go alone...

Randy: I have an idea.. A neutral party with a mutual interest in stopping this.

Later that evening
Image20180330_165149 by Dic Jacobus, on Flickr

Randy: Listen.. I asked you to meet me here because I can't be seen communicating with any known RC personnel, but Poland is the only player in this crisis who hasn't taken a side.  Technically we're supposed to be enemies but through some Miricale, they haven't joined the war and we haven't attacked them...  we used to be friends,  and somewhere down the line our peoples are cousins for crying out loud..  I'll stick my neck out for my side,  but we need someone to speak on our behalf to the M-Throne and Magikstrate.

Gustaw: I'll speak to my people, but they're going to want something in return

Randy: We can't undo what was done,  but we'll figure out how to placate you. I'm not asking for much,  just  little, discrete backup while we go on a little expedition.
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Re: The Outer Haven Incident - An unexpected return

Postby Kastrenzo » Fri Mar 30, 2018 7:54 pm

Part II

West Oasis Desert, Outer Haven

Image20180330_204829 by Dic Jacobus, on Flickr
*Randy waits at the rendevous location in the middle of the desolate west oasis desert.  His contacts have led him to a secret meeting with Polish Agents, to assist in investigating the area*

Image20180330_204854 by Dic Jacobus, on Flickr
*Crackling and shuffling noises*

Image20180330_204931 by Dic Jacobus, on Flickr
*He snaps around to find someone pointing a gun at him, the two shout at one another*
GROM Soldier: Drop of weapon Kurwa!
Randy: Frig off put your gun down!

Image20180330_205026 by Dic Jacobus, on Flickr
Captain Casimir: Stop it!, this is our contact!

Image20180330_205134 by Dic Jacobus, on Flickr

Casimir: You must be Junior
Randy: My name is Randy. Not Junior
Casimir; Ahh my apologies... So Randy Lahey what are we doing here? Why have you brought us to this godforsaken hellhole?
Randy: Oh you know, Finding a secret base,  ending a war, saving the galaxy, that sort of thing.

Image20180330_193030 by Dic Jacobus, on Flickr

*Later that day*
Randy: These are the coordinates.  It's here! there's a hatch
GROM Soldier: I hope it's air conditioned.. Kurwa I'm hot..
Randy: I wouldn't count on it.. If the intel's accurate, this place is like 10 years old.

Image20180330_193833 by Dic Jacobus, on Flickr
*They enter the complex, it's mostly empty,  dirty,  and it smells awful, a loud humming can be heard emitting from the walls,  and at the end of one of the halls There's an old pattern painted on the wall*

Randy: Yup... you know what that there is?
GROM Soldier: Caveman art?
GROM Soldiers: Hahahaha
Randy: Shut the fuck up!. That's the flag of the Elkossian Empire, My people's ancestors and your people's cousins..
GROM Soldier: Oh...  really?
Casimir: Elkossian markings, creepy tunnels in the middle of a desert... I think we found your blacksite.

Image20180330_193933 by Dic Jacobus, on Flickr

*Suddenly, Blue Mutants start coming out of the damned walls!*

Image20180330_194138 by Dic Jacobus, on Flickr

GROM Gunner: What of fuck?!
Casimir: FIRE!

*The GROM soldiers and Blue Mutants start fighting*

Image20180330_194205 by Dic Jacobus, on Flickr

Image20180330_194236 by Dic Jacobus, on Flickr
*He mows down the mutants*

Image20180330_194253 by Dic Jacobus, on Flickr
*A big brute comes through the walls*

Image20180330_194317 by Dic Jacobus, on Flickr
*The Brute kills the Gunner with disruptors

Image20180330_194343 by Dic Jacobus, on Flickr
*GROM finally kill the brute*

Image20180328_232438 by Dic Jacobus, on Flickr

*The team then finds the source of the humming.  at the end of another hall they find some kind of compound, they can see people inside walking around and doing something*

Image20180328_233051 by Dic Jacobus, on Flickr
*They burst in the door and hold up the occupants.*

Image20180328_233158 by Dic Jacobus, on Flickr
*However they become confused, seeing Naked men and women, clearly test subjects,  standing on top of platforms, and in some kind of catatonic state*

Image20180328_233227 by Dic Jacobus, on Flickr
Casimir: Oh kurwa...

Image20180328_233257 by Dic Jacobus, on Flickr
*Randy grabs the scientist and slams him against the wall*
Randy: What in the f*** is going on here?!  What are you doing to these people?!
X8-Scientist: хто ты, што ты робіш у маім Свяцілішча? who are you what are you doing in my sanctum?
Randy: What the f***,  Do you speak standard?  slavonik?  слов'янська?
X8-Scientist: Я не кажу вашы варварскія словы, сабака I don't speak your barbarian words, dog
Randy: He's speaking Wolheen, I can't understand him.. except that bit about him calling us Dogs.

Image20180328_233418 by Dic Jacobus, on Flickr
*Randy punches the scientist in the gut,  he recoils back and in response to the assault, hits a button on the keyboard*

Image20180328_233508 by Dic Jacobus, on Flickr
*An alarm sounds and all the test subjects fall to the ground,  completely lifeless, and the Hazmat scientists become very agitated*

Image20180328_233527 by Dic Jacobus, on Flickr
*One of them picks up a laser gun*
GROM Soldier: GUN!

Image20180328_233657 by Dic Jacobus, on Flickr
*The GROM soldiers start shooting at them,  the armed scientist and a robot get shot up while everyone else dives for cover*

Image20180328_234111 by Dic Jacobus, on Flickr
*Randy takes the scientist and puts a gun to his head,  turning him to face the dead bodies and carnage*
Randy: You see this? you son of bitch. You wanna join them?  Obit?  Yeah? убитий dead you understand that don't you. You sick bastard what the hell were you doing to these people?! do you have any idea what you've done!?
Casimir: Lahey! Don't do it! you need him! we need him!  this proves you were right!

Image20180328_234956 by Dic Jacobus, on Flickr
Later, on the Polish ship
Casimir: Randy, we've told the computer to help with translating,  we can speak to him and get some answers now.  Luckily a later dialect of Wolheen Slavonik is in our system so there should be minimal errors..

Randy: .. Ok.  *to the Scientist* Look guy, you're not going anywhere, so you might as well start talking. Who are you?  what were you doing in that bunker?  and what the f*** were you doing to those people!?

X8 Scientist: Hello?  ahh. Translation computer, most ingenious. I would very much like to incorporate this software into our systems. When the Directorate hears about this you'll all be killed. haha

Casimir: Directorate?   This is who you represent?

X8 Scientist: I represent Lab X8 of the Elkoss Special Sciences division, answering only to the directorate. and Emperor Aldemir

Randy: *Starts laughing uncontrollably*

Casimir: What?

Randy: What f***ing year do you think it is?. The Empire fell, and the Aldemirs are DEAD! You mad scientists have been holed up in your bunker for 12 years oblivious to the outside world.  your directorate doesn't even exist anymore!

X8 Scientist: Oh? Well, that is most unfortunate, but all projects have contigency plans and the work never stops regardless of political events. and even after you destroyed my lab, Several other X Labs will continue their work towards the project.

Casimir: What is your project?, What was with the nakeds?

X8 Scientist: Superconsciousness

Casimir: What?

X8 Scientist: Superconsciousness, The merging of multiple consciousness to make Superconsciousness, Superconsciousness that can influence the psychic plane to eliminate negative traits of minifig-kind.

Randy: What were those blue things,   and the other weird shit happening on that planet

X8 Scientist: We made a mistake, and used a bad batch of test subjects. We have made small tears on the psychic dimension that have created some .. anomalies. They are an unintended and minor side effect of our work.

Casimir: MINOR SIDE EFFECT!? *He starts laughing hard, too*

Randy: Since you've been holed up in a bunker until you've turned grey, let me give you a short summary of the last ten years.  The war ended, Elkoss fell apart, and new states took its place..  skip ahead 9 years and your weird and sick experiments attracted foreigners who game to investigate your "anomalies", they got into a fight with my people, my people struck back at their people, and now we have a huge f***ing war that could doom the galaxy because of you!

X8 Scientist; An unfortunate side effect, but the trivial matters of nation states are unimportant, the project will endure.

Randy: Friggin idiot... I can't wait until we get to hang this freak

Casimir: Hold on.. Lahey, this is my ship,  my troops captured him and he is in my custody, you won't be hanging anyone...  We're taking him to the AN.  and assuming they don't ask to take custody of him...  there's no way you're taking him without us getting something in return...
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Last week I put liquid paper on a bee. And it died
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all I have is anthrax and rage
all I have is anthrax and rage
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