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Re: Minifig of the Month

Postby Duerer » Tue Jun 12, 2018 3:55 pm

In case you still don't have enough of these:
ImageBuffalo Steel
Hailing from the FSM, Arthur Granger drifts across the galaxy to take on every threat his clients wants to have removed. After serving decades as a federal agent, he decided to make a living by offering his services to private contractors as the mercenary Buffalo Steel. His power armour is able to withstand severe damage from both laser and projectile weaponry and his colourful stud sabre is capable of cutting through the thickest alloys. His absolute favourite weapon however, is the Trillion Hit Perforator, a handgun sized chaingun that still retains its ability to drown every adversary in tons of lead.

ImageBuffalo Steel
Combining his sword and gun, Buffalo Steel can create the Trillion Hit Raygun, which uses the Perforator's rotation energy and the sabre's energy beam to unleashed unrivalled power upon the enemy.
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