Operation Harvest Red: Part 2 - The village

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Operation Harvest Red: Part 2 - The village

Postby Kastrenzo » Sun Jul 01, 2018 10:48 pm

Image20180701_230219 by Dic Jacobus, on Flickr

Razor team's transport lands, and then exfils quickly as not to attract attention

Image20180701_230320 by Dic Jacobus, on Flickr
Miles: Cooper, take point and recon the area, I'm gonna hang back I can't keep comms with the fleet in the woods.. keep me posted
Cooper: You got it boss..

Image20180701_230443 by Dic Jacobus, on Flickr
Cooper: Let's go guys
Roderick: Assholes and elbows boys!
Sykes: Do you even listen to yourself sometimes?

Image20180701_230527 by Dic Jacobus, on Flickr

Trekking through the forest.. the team stops after O'hara notices something..
Ohara: Dude... do you hear that?
*Gunfire Crackling many kilometers away*
Sykes: That's not even in our AO no need to worry about it
Ohara: .. No,  not that... flies.
Roderick: I smell it... something's dead around here

Image20180701_230542 by Dic Jacobus, on Flickr

Ohara sees the flies  and investigates

Image20180701_230609 by Dic Jacobus, on Flickr

He moves some branches and shrubs and then jumps back covering his mouth, shreiking

Ohara: Oh fuck!.... fuck!
Cooper: Miles.. It's Cooper... we've got evidence of war crimes here in the woods...
Miles over the Radio: What's that?"
Cooper: Mass grave,  shot and buried about 3 clicks west from insertion point
Miles: Damn it.... roger that...

10 minutes later, on the outskirts of the village of Pusta
Image20180701_230707 by Dic Jacobus, on Flickr

Voices in the distance: Řekl jsem ti všechno! Prosím, neopusťte mě znovu! I've told you everything! Please don't hit me again!

Image20180701_230724 by Dic Jacobus, on Flickr

Cherhovna Bryhada militants are savagely beating a doctor
CB Soldier: Kde jsou vaše léky? Where are your medical supplies?!

Image20180701_230803 by Dic Jacobus, on Flickr

Ohara and Cooper get ready to fight, loading their guns with subsonic ammo
Cooper: On my go!

Image20180701_230917 by Dic Jacobus, on Flickr
Ohara Shoots one of the guys in the back

Image20180701_230936 by Dic Jacobus, on Flickr
CB soldier: что? What??

Image20180701_231021 by Dic Jacobus, on Flickr
Cooper reacts quickly, and snuffs him out

CB soldier: rraaaaah!

Image20180701_231053 by Dic Jacobus, on Flickr
Cooper approaches the doctor and offers a hand

Cooper: doktor jsi v pořádku? je tady někdo jiný? / doctor are you ok? is there anyone else here?
Zagorian Doctor: ano, ano, nejsem ublížena .. vzali do lesa ženu a další. někteří z nich jsou stále tady! / yes, yes I am not hurt.. they took a woman and some others into the woods.  some of them are still here!

Image20180701_231139 by Dic Jacobus, on Flickr

Sykes takes aim at another Insurgent in the village next to a woman

Sykes: Coops.. I've got them.,  I see the woman..
Cooper: Take the shot!

Image20180701_231216 by Dic Jacobus, on Flickr
Sykes Snipes the CB and the woman beside him starts calling for help

Woman: kurva, pomoc! / kurva, help!
Sykes: Uh.. Coops.. I don't think that's the hostage!..

Image20180701_231244 by Dic Jacobus, on Flickr
CB Insurgents come running around the corner

CB Soldier:
какой трах случается? / what the f**k is happening?!

Image20180701_231352 by Dic Jacobus, on Flickr
Cooper and Ohara shoot and kill the insurgents

Cooper: Clear!
Ohara: Fucking Collaborators... knew it..
Cooper: Easy now... Collaborator or no,  she's not a combatant..
Woman: F**k you USA Pig, get out of my country!

Image20180701_231444 by Dic Jacobus, on Flickr
Cooper angrily grabs the woman and interrogates her
Cooper: Listen lady, unless you want to be treated like one of these bryhada bastards.. you give us some information... Where are the rest of the villagers?
Woman: A truck left 2 days ago,  I don't know anything else.  I'm from Sobor.. not from Pusta I don't know the people here.. I came with the soldiers
Roderick: So she's a whore..
Cooper: Shut up, Chad.. The doctor said something about a woman being taken tonight... who's that, where is she?
Woman: Lana.. the mechanic's wife..  Vlad took her into the woods to punish her..
Cooper: Fuck!..

Image20180701_231539 by Dic Jacobus, on Flickr

Cooper: Chad, Randy.. stay here, watch her... and keep an eye out for any more Bryhada stragglers.. We're gonna go into the woods and look for the missing woman..
Sykes: Roger that boss.

Image20180701_231640 by Dic Jacobus, on Flickr
*Crying and grumbling in the distance*

Ohara: I think we're close.. watch your fire

Image20180701_231648 by Dic Jacobus, on Flickr
A fat, bearded man in a red jacket is beating and threatening a young woman in the distance.

Image20180701_231709 by Dic Jacobus, on Flickr
Ohara aims..

Image20180701_231731 by Dic Jacobus, on Flickr
Suddenley a subtle pop is heard and the fat man grunts.   blood splatters all over the woman and she shreiks

Image20180701_231747 by Dic Jacobus, on Flickr
The fat man falls onto her, looking at her with a stunned expression on his face but unable to move or make any noise other than quiet groans

Image20180701_231805 by Dic Jacobus, on Flickr
The woman pushes him off, the fat man groans and then sighs as he expires.. she crawls away from the dead guy , panicking

Image20180701_231842 by Dic Jacobus, on Flickr
Ohara and Cooper come to her rescue

Ohara: Lana?
Lana: y..yes, I am Lana
Ohara: Brian Ohara, USA Force Recon... are you ok
Lana: Yes.. thank you...  is the doctor ok? The men were threatening him before that piece of shit took me out here
Cooper: The doctor's fine. he sent us to find you
Lana: Oh thank you, both of you... I owe you my life

Image20180701_231859 by Dic Jacobus, on Flickr

Cooper helps her up

Image20180701_231922 by Dic Jacobus, on Flickr
Cooper talks to Miles on the radio

Cooper: Miles, it's Cooper... We cleared the village, multiple hostiles KIA.. also have 2 civilians, and 1 collaborator prisoner.. please advise..
Miller: Roger that... good work.   tie up the prisoner and I'll meet you there in 10,  We'll have to babysit until morning... until then,  we still have a mission,  take 5 and then move out to find that comms center
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Re: Operation Harvest Red: Part 2 - The village

Postby Zupponn » Wed Jul 18, 2018 5:15 pm


She looks immensely satisfied.
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