Hungry For Chaos: Top Thread [HH]

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Hungry For Chaos: Top Thread [HH]

Postby Sir Sporktimus » Tue Oct 30, 2018 9:28 pm

On the carrot-farming asteroid of Belganus, a few selfish noblemen are throwing a feast. The main dish? A delicious chicken wing seasoned with the eldritch Chaos Spice. But everyone from hungry peasants to power-seeking demons to hideously cute elder gods are here to compete for it!

Adorribles - Nemoto-Sensei
Robot Demons - Ninja_Bait
Lords of Belganus - Dayboost_
Star Knights - Baconquistador
Orphans - RedRover
Barbarians - SirSporktimus
Crimson Eye - KommanderKen

Turn Zero:
People show up to the party. Singing orphans are annoying. Are robot demons primarily robots or demons?

Turn One:
Little Robot Boy dies for the greater good. An orphan is set on fire. A knight rides a battle tractor into a castle wall and wins.  :studgod:

Turn Two:
The crocodile is turned into a hideously cute elder monster. The castle is filled with flaming hay. The orphans eat each other.

Turn Three:
Carrot missiles explode. Orphans are turned into eldritch beings. The Spear of SufferWing is born.

Turn Four and Five:
Heroes die. A knight turns into a Chaos Chicken. The Lolligator rises to power.

Thanks to everyone who played! You guys were awesome!  :studgod:
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Re: Hungry For Chaos: Top Thread [HH]

Postby ninja_bait » Wed Nov 07, 2018 4:53 pm

gameplay 5
violence 5
photography 5
writing 5
appeal 5

i liked it.
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Re: Hungry For Chaos: Top Thread [HH]

Postby DayBoost_ » Fri Nov 16, 2018 12:28 am

gameplay 4
photography 5
violence 4
writing 3
appeal 4

very short, in my experience there was some turn translation issues and some of the rules changed a few times
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Re: Hungry For Chaos: Top Thread [HH]

Postby AZKAMAT » Sat Nov 17, 2018 2:04 pm

-Gameplay 5 (I'd say everything here was used creatively and at or close to its max extent. Thought provoking to watch the moves unfold)
-Photography 4 (Your camera setup had this thing going on where a small area would be in crystal-focus but EVERYTHING else would be blurred to oblivion. It matters a bit because some of the objects left out of focus this way were co-main subjects in some shots. I REALLY liked the emphasis on transparent pieces, and crispy Billy. Awesome touch).
-Violence 5  :studgod:
-Writing 5 (Silly towns, but excellently narrated silly towns)
-Overall Appeal 5

TOTAL: 4.8
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