XCV "Survivalist" Class Frigate "Omaha"

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XCV "Survivalist" Class Frigate "Omaha"

Postby The Shadowscythe » Thu Jan 10, 2019 5:49 pm

Well, for the last few weeks I've been in a pretty heavy sci-fi groove (for instance writing 45k words and making not one but two imaginary starships that aren't even the stars of the "show") and I've finally put my hand to building the XCOM vessel (XCV) "Omaha" of the "Survivalist" class which stars alongside the XCV Normandy (see what I did there), XCV "Utah" and the laid hulls of the yet to be finished XCV "Gold", "Juno" and "Point du Hoc".

Because it always bugged me in Mass Effect how the Normandy was both the class and the name of the ship - yet we never see any more produced by either the Systems Alliance or the Turian hierarchy who helped to research and develop the design. HELL even fucking Cerberus manages to build a few of them before the designs where royally scrambled by EDI but it never made a goddamn ounce of sense that there was only the one, the title ship and never any others.

So as a result of my bugbear there are now the vessels of the XCOM survivalist class which use the series of Normandy landings as their namesake.

Length - 809 meters.
Width - 203 meters
Height - 119 meters (excluding Antenna Arrays)

Armed with -
2 Prototype Miniaturized Spinal Mounted Particle Accelerator Cannons (Variable yield and firing speed)
21 Turret mounted Plasma Cannons (Variable Range and Yield depending on use as point defense or assault weaponry)
42 Missile tubes, with a total compliment of 84 variable yield Elerium-Enhanced Nuclear Warheads (Yields ranging from half a Kiloton to 250 Megatons)

It also carries 3 Spaceranger" Transports, the evolution of the Skyranger Transport from the First and Second Ethereal War - Carrying up to 24 soldiers with Single Stage to Orbit (SSTO) capabilities as well as a flight of 2 Firestorm MK-IV Space Superiority Interceptors.

The survivalist class, unlike it's Pan-Human Union bretheren is a pure XCOM vessel through and through, featuring a full selection of Dual Plasma cannons for either point defence or as mid-ranged assault weaponry and a pair of miniaturized Spinal Mounted Particle Accelerator Cannons as their primary weapons.

It also features an enlarged missile tube array (but compensates for this by carrying fewer missiles overall - most PHU vessels carry enough missiles and warheads for a minimum of 3 to 4 total reloads of all tubes, the Survivalist only carries 1 reload of all tubes and the system is set in an "Alpha Strike" configuration for most combat scenarios).

It also carries fewer strike craft and transports overall - but enhanced armor on both itself and it's compliment with full energy shielding as standard.

The reason for all of these advanced features is due to the simplest of wartime axims that XCOM has held at heart in both the Ethereal wars and Occupation as well as the second contact war - by splitting their technological base into two distinct tiers.

The Pan-Human Union as a standard is given access to every major XCOM technology barring the advancements of Plasma and COILgun weapons and only certain vessels in their fleets have access to any form of energy shielding - the Pan-Human Navy is meant to be the day to day defender of the Human races that make up the union, XCOM is the first and last line of defense against existential threats to the species and as a result is granted the full selection of technologies in arming its ships and troops.







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Re: XCV "Survivalist" Class Frigate "Omaha"

Postby Falk » Thu Jan 10, 2019 6:29 pm

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