The Sidekick

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The Sidekick

Post by Roboskeleton » Mon May 06, 2019 10:36 am

The Sidekick
Skill dice: 1D8
Speed: 6"
Armor: 1D8
Cost: 8

Sidekicks must be assigned to a hero. If the sidekick is more then 6" away from it's assigned hero; the sidekick will turn into a minifig until he is less then 6" from the hero. A sidekick may only preform a feat that his assigned hero has preformed earlier in that same battle. If the hero is cranky then the sidekick is also cranky. If or when the hero dies the sidekick immediately rolls a die(doesn't matter on the type of die you roll) if the number rolled is an even number then the sidekick's training was finished and he turns into a hero. If the number is odd the sidekick's skill dice is replaced with a D4.

If you have any input on this, or would like to share a game that you tested the sidekick please reply.
I am working on an other unit called the stitcher.

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