The Anno Galaxy

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The Anno Galaxy

Post by AnnoyedZebra » Thu May 30, 2019 9:59 am

The Anno Galaxy

While most eyes lay on one side of the universe... New stories unravel themselves in the galaxy of Anno. The people of this galaxy stand in the wake of a great fallen empire, and their jealous eyes lie on the greatest energy source in the galaxy...
-5000DSE Earliest spacefaring civilisation
-4500DSE Crystal revolution
-4400DSE Discovery of faster than light travel
-4000DSE First cyborgs
-3400DSE Spread of peach disease
-3380DSE First peach war of annihilation begins
-3200 Primitive android brain
-3000DSE First peach war of annihilation ends for unknown reasons
-2500DSE The first Futuron conquests
-2000DSE The golden age of Futuron begins
-1500DSE The second peach war of annihilation begins and the golden age of Futuron ends
-1000DSE The second peach war of annihilation ends with the destruction of Futuron City through the OT bomb
-990DSE First recorded ice warriors emerge in the icy wastes of the former Futuron City
-900DSE First OTC forged
-850DSE A number of OTCs are captured by the spacefaring royal houses
-800DSE House Spyrius puts into motion its genetic plans
-400DSE House Spyrius wiped out by the second OT bomb, scattering low grade OT throughout the galaxy.
-380DSE The mars mission discovers the degradation of lesser OT into different
-100DSE Bleaktron revolt, first weebish profits
-50DSE Resurgence of Spyrius and the crushing of the Bleaktron revolt
-1DSE Destruction of New Spyrion
0DSE Birth of the Deadly Space Emperor, culmination of the plans of Spyrius
10DSE Deadly Space Emperor completes training in ancient Futuron martial arts
15DSE Founding of Eternia, the capital of the Deadly Space Empire and the imperial archives
16DSE Eternian genetic labs synthesise a new race of Deadly Space Men and the first examples of Deadly Space Armour are forged
19DSE War of the crystal nebula begins
23DSE War of the crystal nebula ends, royal houses subdued and folded into the Eternian genetic program
25DSE The council of Weebistan codifies the weaboo religion for the first time
30DSE Galactic core regions subjugated
43DSE Galactic rim subjugated
44DSE Factions form within the Deadly Space Army
46DSE Galactic civil war begins
49DSE Disappearance of the Deadly Space Emperor
53DSE First Weaboo schism occurs and the Shinji wars begin
84DSE Eternian republic founded
96DSE Eternian republic subdues remaining factions
100DSE The Eternian consul, whos name has long since been lost to history declares himself “Emperor Eternius” on the centenary of the DSE’s birth but real power lies with rival warlords who he relies on to govern his territory
123DSE Emperor Eternius proclaims Makinamism the state religion
223DSE Death of Emperor Eternius, empire begins to fracture
300DSE Emperor Eternius IV proclaims the DSE calendar and moves the imperial capital to a now lost location
500DSE The capital has been moved so many times that the empire’s cultural cohesion has become lost and Eternia has been relegated to just another provincial capital
532DSE Last known OTC forged
543DSE Last known set of Deadly Space Armour forged
549DSE Execution of Emperor Eternius VIII, final collapse of imperial authority
600DSE Imperial state religion of Makinamism largely forgotten in many sectors
632DSE First Reiliph conquers Weebistan
673DSE State of Brickburg acquires Eternia and proclaims the German Confederation
684DSE Duke of Brickburg elected first Kaiser of the German Confederation
693DSE Founding of Reitropolis
832DSE First German war of conquest against Ayanami begins
845DSE First German war of conquest against Ayanami ends inconclusively
873DSE State of Shikinami allies with the German Confederation and gains access to information from the Eternian genetic lab
886DSE First Baka Boys manufactured
894DSE Second German war of conquest against Ayanami begins
921DSE Second German war of conquest against Ayanami ends with the Treaty of Verson
924DSE Edenkorps founded on occupied planet Eden
933DSE Kaiser Rudolph ascends to the throne
945DSE First Reiconquest war begins
963DSE Fall of Eden
966DSE First Reiconquest war halts with the death of the Reiliph
974DSE Birth of Kaiser Rudolph’s only child, Eva von Brickburg
984DSE Colonisation of Legotavia begins but the ultimate fate of the settlers is left unknown due to an unusually large space storm
990DSE Second Reiconquest war declared on the accession of Reiliph Tima IV
992DSE Eva von Brickburg receives the iron cross for her actions as a lieutenant at the third battle of Eden
993DSE Death of Kaiser Rudolph, accession of Kaiserin Eva
999DSE Recontact with Legotavia, present day
Basic intro:
The Anno galaxy is a collaborative world similar to how the Nehellenium was/is. Anyone is free to join as long as they want to be involved. There are a few basic principles/rules to the Anno galaxy but they're not intended to stifle creativity(Instead they're just to make sure there is plenty of war and everyone is on the same page)
1. All technology is ultimately powered by crystals(which in their raw form can be represented by any kind of transparent brick)
2. Crystals are found on a limited number of planets
3. Crystals can be modified through magical or scientific means to provide energy sources to anything. e.g, Distilled into fluid form for tank engines or enchanted to power a magical golem
4. Every faction has access to at least one source of crystals but generally wants to find more
5. The only connection to the wider Brikwars multiverse is through "A-gates"
6. A-gates are almost always unstable and temporary but a sufficiently powerful wizard or scientist can stabilise an A-gate by constructing a portal frame
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Re: The Anno Galaxy

Post by MadMario » Thu May 30, 2019 12:58 pm

That sounds like a fun place to be. Seems like StarCorps has to invent the A-Gate teknology soon... :warhead:

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Re: The Anno Galaxy

Post by ComradeGreen » Mon Jun 10, 2019 8:45 am

Will definitely be setting my factions here!
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Re: The Anno Galaxy

Post by Space Bunny » Sat Jun 15, 2019 4:28 pm

Would love to start up a faction here! Cool idea!
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