The Kezzler Rebellion, part 2 (Fall of the MOJ)

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The Kezzler Rebellion, part 2 (Fall of the MOJ)

Post by Scribonius » Tue Jun 25, 2019 9:52 pm

A week after the start of the rebellion, Major Kezzler and the remains of his crew are on the move, trying to make sense of everything that has happened. At the moment, they are in a brown zone - no baseplates, just brown everywhere, and the occasional strange tool or bottle of Kraggle. So far, the Major's crew has figured out two things. First: The AN is trying to kill orcs, and possibly all of the Hobgoblin regiments, for reasons unknown. Second: Somehow, this planet is important to the MOJ and possibly the AN, but none of the Hobgoblins know why.
In the brown zone, the Major and his remaining crew await the return of the Lieutenant and her scouts.
Kezzler: "Vell, dis iz kind ov boring. Vhat could be taking dem so long?"
Yelaria: "*SKRAAAAAWK!* Be patient, Major. They will return soon."
Dryzna: "Ya, calm down, boss! Ve haf taken care ov most ov ze AN troops on ze planet."
Jexim: "Hey, here dey come!"
Fizzle: "Yez, but who is dat with dem?"

Lieutenant Rishalle: "Scouts reporting in, Major!"
Kezzler: "Good! Vhat haf you found?"
Zhukov: "Ve found natives, boss! An you not gunna believe it!"
Kezzler: "Natives?"

Rishalle: "Natives."
Zelnik: "Rather interesting natives!"
Kezzler: "Interesting... how?"
Rishalle: "Show him, old man."

Gasps of confusion come from all around as the natives pull back their hoods to reveal a great goblin and a very old orc!
Kezzler: "Vell, dis is unexpected! Where did hyu come from?"
Old Orc: "Ve haf been here for decades! De Lieutenant tells me you are from ze Fifth Hobgoblins?"
Kezzler: "Yez, I am Major Kezzler, commander of de Fifth. You are?"
Old Orc: "Krigshar. Colonel Krigshar, formerly of de First Hobgoblins. Retired now, ov course. Hy served under de great General Lafitte!"
Kezzler: "Lafitte? Ze Splatta?"
Krigshar: "Ze very same." He gestures to the great goblin. "Zis iz Pilzin, son of Ziglin, anovver retiree." Looking at the confusion on everyone's faces, the old orc frowns. "Do hyu not know where you is? Dis is Lavarenthe! When General Lafitte took on de other challengers in de Galaxy battle, he made de MOJ command make a promise. If he won more den three systems from dem, de MOJ had to give de Hobgoblins a world of their own! This is dat world! Welcome to Lavarenthe, Major! De new homeworld of de Hobgoblins!"
For several minutes, Kezzler stayed silent. He glanced from soldier to soldier, scout to retiree. "Vell, dis is a lovely coincidence!" Frowning suddenly, he crossed his arms and glared, first at Rishalle, then at Krigshar. "Hy do not belief in coincidence. De MOJ and de AN brought us here, un I suspect dey were planning to decimate de populace de same way dey tried to decimate us!" Pausing in thought, the Major began to pace back and forth. "Ve still need to figure out some vay to contact de other Hobgoblin units, but ve haf not managed to find a communication array big enuff yet."
Krigshar: "Hyu need a big array? Dis ve can help you with! Let us take hyu to... de mountain............."

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Re: The Kezzler Rebellion, part 2 (Fall of the MOJ)

Post by ninja_bait » Tue Jun 25, 2019 10:34 pm

Dey gonna show u de wae

This story is going great by the way!
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